The Tree

The tree was finally done.

I have 14 foot ceilings and to place a tree to fill that space would be very difficult. It would be too heavy to lift into a tree stand. So, I came up with this trick. I screwed the tree stand to an old table. Then I place very heavy rocks in the base to hold it down.

This lifts the tree up enough to fill the space.

I like lots of twinkling lights on my tree.

And I cover it in vintage glass and mercury glass ornaments.

I hang icicles on the ends of the branches.

With the twinkling lights it almost looks like snow is falling around it.

Some of the glass ornaments are colored.

And just when I thought my tree was done to perfection, all of the lights on half of it went out. So, today I am taking them all down so I can fix the lights and start all over again.


Perhaps it's a *Rule* someplace? Some of the lights on the Tree, HAVE to go out. lol. Just to try our patience! ,-)

Happy Full Moon Before Yule!

"Heap the holly! /
Wreath the pine. /
Train the dainty Christmas vine---
Let the breadth of fir and bay /
Mingle on the festal day."

~~Helen Chase
Suzie said…
Wait!! Don't take down those lights yet! Ask the Blog tech, or your dear hubby to drive to the nearest Walgreens and buy a Light Keeper Pro. That handy dandy gun can keep you from having to hunt for the bulb that is out, or loose.

Here it is on Amazon, so they know what to look for

Your tree is beautiful! Now you can come and help me with mine! (we have snow. .is my lure working? didn't think so, but I had to try.)
Pricilla said…
It's beautiful.
I spent years collecting blown icicles from a glassblower in New Gretna. He did amazing work. Then one year the tree fell over.


I lost close to half my icicles and a reindeer he blew that was a piece of art.

I cried.

But it was good I was home since said tree fell on top of the woodstove.....
Anonymous said…
oh no, thats too bad about the lights, it looks lovely.The glass ornaments are the same as ones I have, I have collected them from all over.Mostly germany, they are very pretty when the lights are on.Beautiful tree, sorry you have to dismantle it.My cat used to do all the dismantling, I had to tie the tree to the ceiling.
Joyce, your tree is awesome! Hope you find the bad bulb and don't have to do a do over. What a pain.
CopperCreeker said…
DANG! that had ot have hurt. It's so lovely. It be a shame to have to do over. Hope you caught suzie comment and are able to use her suggestion.
Anonymous said…
Isn't that tupical! it's always something that has to be taken care of when the tree is decorated and usually it's the lights :-)

But it is beautiful! I like that You don't have that many colors in it, sort of makes it look like its filled with diamonds.

Have a great day!
Gorgeous! And nothing fixes things like a big rock, eh?
floweringmama said…
Beautiful tree! I hope you get your lights fixed, that is always so frustrating.
Autumnforest said…
That is so magical looking. Just gorgeous!
Barbara F. said…
A beautiful tree, but it is what I would have expected!! Great idea to permanently place the tree stand on the table. Mercury is still in retrograde, I think....xo
Marigold said…
Oy. All that work and having to start over? Oy. On the upside, I love 'Autie's' poem. Did you get to see the lunar eclipse? The Goatfather got up at 4:30. That's A.M. Oy. Even I wasn't up. There was no hope for the Goatmother getting up at that hour. :)
Barb said…
You tree light problem reminds me of when I am cross stitching and I get all around to where I started and the border doesn't match-lots of ripping out. However, your tree is just beautiful!!
Jennifer Rose said…
ooh shiny :D very pretty
Anonymous said…
Your tree is simply magnificent! I would give anything to see it in person. Please post more pictures, I just love it. Your house is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your tree. We are not having one this year so I'm getting lots of enjoyment looking at others.
I have never seen a lovlier Christmas Tree. Very clever way that you weighted the table down with that rock and attached stand to give tree some height. It is breathtaking. I hate that you have to take it apart because of the lights. Good Luck with new ones.
Raven said…
That is a BEAUTIFUL tree! It looks like something out of a Victorian Christmas story....absolutely enchanting.
Mystica said…
Its absolutely beautiful.
TMCPhoto said…
How beautiful and you get to do it all again! this year we found a handful of unlit lights on our LED strings. We're going to leave them as they are, for fun I took some glass paint and made the white lights varying shades of sky blue and peridot green.
Your tree is just beautiful! How in the world you got a good picture of it..I had to wonder. I had such a bad time. A flash just made a mess of had to take it and it's so dark. Yours turned out perfect!! Your home looks like it is as gorgeous as your tree...and I bet it smells good all the time too! :)