Westside Market

The Blog Tech and I journeyed to The Westside Market in Cleveland yesterday.

Though I think they have a lot of the same stuff I can get at home, it is always fun to shop somewhere else.

Their produce is really beautiful.

And if you need a pig head this is the place to go.

They had all sorts of goodies for sale for Christmas.

The Blog Tech likes to stock up on hot sauces from this booth.

I like to stock up on pork products.

This place was on Man vs Food. We didn't try one because we were having lunch at Melt. We should have eaten the gyro.

I bought some fabulous navel oranges. They are giants and they were cheap.

And I stocked up on popcorn. Dill pickle popcorn!!! Two of my favorite things combined.

Dichotomy popcorn. How cool is this? It is both sweet and savory.

And free range eggs. I always have fresh egg envy because I am usually stuck buying my eggs at the grocery store. I am going to whip up a few huge brunches over the holidays with these babies.

I bought a cherry kucken which must be good because it is almost gone and only The Blog Tech and my husband have been eating it.

Vanilla bean lemonade and cherry lemonade.

A bakewell tart and a fern tart. After the holidays I am going to teach myself to bake these.

I had to buy this. They had a sign hanging on the stall advertising Christmas kielbasa.

Apple sausage. If you have never had this and come across it somewhere, try it. It is wonderful stuff.

Breakfast sausages.

This is garlic/chicken sausage.

Some of The Blog Tech's hot sauces.

And this is my new favorite thing. Ground bacon. It is very finely ground and you can use it in so may ways that my head is spinning coming up with new ideas. Meatloaves, hamburgers, as a saute' base for veggies, scrambled eggs........on and on and on.

I bought raclette for our Christmas brunch.

And how cool is this? Homemade eggnog in a glass bottle. I love milk in glass bottles.

Homemade butter.

And last but not least, potato and cheese perogies!


Pricilla said…
I haven't had a good pierogie in I can't tell you how long.
I miss my grandmother's cooking!

Apple sausage is delicious! If made right....

Hmmm, ground bacon. The mind does swim with the possibilities. I'm so jealous!
Anonymous said…
now thats a whole bunch of goodness, ground bacon thats some serious good stuff, wow, who knew?
My fatherinlaw was a master sausage maker and he did make apple sausage but only in Autumn, it was heavenly and I think thats why, only in season.
Casa Pearl said…
This makes me very homesick! My dad used to take us down regularly but especially at Christmas so we could get pomegranates. It's gotten a bit more upscale but a lot of the old charm (and old timers) are still there. Enjoy all your goodies - you are lucky to find them so close to home!
Actually, yes, I DO need a pig head. Don't ask why.

Save those perogies and kiebasa and have them in January for Ukrainian Christmas!
Barbara F. said…
That is some market, talk about "Hot in Cleveland"! Some things I have tasted and others I have not, like raclette cheese. One of these days I will. I am sure your brunches will be fabulous. Um, what day and at what time? lol xo
Anonymous said…
Lots of yummy things You show today :-) Some I've never seen like the eggnog in a glass bottle. Eggnog isn't that big over here, we have the mulled wine at Yule instead.

I want to than You once again for that basket :-) I flew back aroud 40 years in time when I tried the Sassafras candy! I remember when I was a kid and we went to the oldest building in Gothenburg. There is a store there that only sell old time food (well they are new but made in old time fasion) and also their candy.

I always bought a cone with candy tasting like Sassafras, I loved it but have never found it anywhere else. So these was the perfect thing to taste first of everything in the basket :-)

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Reminds me of the Marché Jean-Talon in Montreal.
Marigold said…
Okay, no pig heads for me. Nope. At least the Blog Tech didn't buy any 'Screaming Sphincter'. :)The Goatmother's Grandfather, then father and uncle later, owned a grocery in Oklahoma. They made and smoked their own Polish Sausage (being Polish). People actually flew in from New York just to buy it. Now, many moons later, the Goatmother is always searching for a Kielbasa that is close to what she grew up on. Hasn't happened yet, though she's found one sort of similar. Your sausage makes her wonder ... :)
I am envious of all that yummy pork!!! Yes, isn't it fun to shop somewhere different??
OMG! I would still have been shopping. I'm going to get out the old food grinder and grind up some bacon. Who knew!

My cookie basket just arrived and I've already eaten 6. Thank you so much.
Nulaanne said…
I always get milk in glass bottles, and it is Jersey cow milk. Heaven. The other stuff tastes like plastic to me. The eggnog was a good find.
Barb said…
I love markets and this looks like a great one! We used to have Swedish potato sausage every Christmas. I think it was a Scandinavian thing. I do envy you finding eggnog in a bottle. It looks so good!
Show me a place to shop for food and I'm there. LOL Everything looked scrumptious. Except the pigs head. But I must say I am completely smitten with the Homemade eggnog in a glass bottle. OMG I want that delivered here Christmas Eve.
William Bezek said…
Did you have the Mighty Macaroni Melt? I've been waiting all year for it to come back
Texan said…
That is a first for me, seeing a real whole pig head in a meat case. LOL
Honeyman and I are hot sauce lovers! Those were new to, the kind you got. Bet they are tasty!
Natasha said…
Oh man I LOVE the Westside Market!! I grew up not to far from there, it has been at least 15 years since I've been. Next time I come home to visit I HAVE to go, especially for that pigs head HaHa