Home Churned Butter

I was recently inspired by Cecelia over at Thekitchensgarden to order a vintage butter churner and make my own butter. She has a wonderful blog so check it out if you haven't already! Long ago I made my own butter but hadn't even thought about it in years. I am back to it now!

the next time I make this I need to find organic cream that is less than ultra pasteurized. For this butter, I used 2 quarts of ultra pasteurized. The cream should be at about 50 degrees before you start churning. This recipe makes 4 cups of butter.

After a bit of churning the cream starts to thicken. It is becoming whipped cream. Early on the jar will be coated and you can't see inside.

The tireder your arm, the thicker the cream! If you want salted butter, this is the time to add the salt. You can add other flavorings as well.

Next you will be able to see in the jar. The butter is separating. It will become very difficult to churn and then it is time to pour off the liquid.

You just made buttermilk. Biscuit making time!

I skipped a photo but once you pour off the buttermilk, fill the churn with cold water while the butter is still in it. Churn some more. You are washing your butter. Pour the water out and put the butter in a fine mesh strainer.

Push the butter with the back of a wooden spoon, pressing out as much liquid as possible. Wrap it in cheese cloth and squeeze out any remaining liquid.

Butter! I made butter. I feel like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he made fire!

I see many compound butters in my future!

You don't have to have a butter churn to make this. You can make it in a food processor or even in the bowl of your mixer using the whisk attachment.


rox said…
Wow Jaz ! My boy would love this ! it looks so creamy , smooth ☺
the expereince sounds like kneading bread if you get sore do it for 10 min longer then you know its ready .
I'm really going to look into this . I'm finding too that I'm returning to old ways I used to practice in my younger having baby yrs then life happened lol now being an older woman I have time to return to those old skills that took som time to accomplish.
laurie said…
I can hook you up with some wheat berries to grind to make your own flour to go with butter, I have connections with the amish, lol!
You make my day you do, but you're right, fresh butter is the best, we always had it but we had our own cows so, it was a given,,, not any more though, mmmmm, with those biscuits,,,, count me in, the blog tech will be a happy boy today,
~mel said…
"The tireder your arm, the thicker the cream!" ... you made me chuckle out loud. Thanks for sharing:) and Have a Great Day!!
Barbara F. said…
I can really go for a buttermilk biscuit right now! xo
Poppy said…
Very helpful tutorial! And as always, beautiful photographs! Thanks so much!
Adsila said…
I love it! I would like to have one of those butter makers too. I just might have to check it out and order one. The biscuits look so tasty.
Ashling said…
How totally cool--and ambitious. Good for you!! How did it taste?
Oh you did do well, isn't it great having your very own butter! and that buttermilk is great to bake with! Wonderful and thank you for the mention.. have a fab day! c
Suzanne said…

I love the container you put the butter in!
edenhills said…
I would love to try making my own butter, but goat's milk doesn't separate the way cow's milk does.
What a beautiful butter churner!

I've never made butter but have thought about it many times. But I once did a cheese :-) I can't even pretend it tasted especially good but I had done it myself and waited several months for it to get ready :-)

Have a great day!
Mother Moon said…
I remember rolling a jar with my sister back and forth to make butter... and the flavor of course.. so good...
Paula Deen wants your phone number!
Pricilla said…
I had a friend who had a cow (I feel like I should add EIEIO) and she was giving me the cream when it separated and I was making my own butter for a while. I found the food processor worked better than the kitchenaid. THAT made seriously good butter.
injoyinmylife said…
I just don't know what to say, you are amazing, simply amazing. Where do you get these magnificent ideas? I'm so impressed. Your butter looked so delicious. I know I'll never try this because I'm way too intimidated. I love what you share.
I made my own butter for the first time this year and was amazed at how easy it was. I made mine in my stand mixer and it was done so quickly and wow, did it every taste wonderful!
Donna over at Just Me has a handful of cows and makes her own butter too. I've made paneer. Somehow your recipe and churn make it look so easy, though. What an amazing feat. CONGRATS. Homemade butter. Tell me what spices would you use to doctor it up?
Raven said…
This looks incredible! I forgot how fun it was to make butter, and it can be a good money saver, too. Wherever did you get that awesome churn?
brandi said…
~may have to invest in one of these!!! far easier than shaking the cream in a jar for minutes...arm gets kind of tired and even my littles give up on it...we used to make butter all the time and then it became a dreaded event so i stopped...nothing quite like homemade...thank you so for sharing this with us...much love light and blessings be with you and yours~
Birgit said…
Hi Joyce,

Butter -- you made butter! :) That. Is. Just. Way. Cool. If I only lived a wee bit nearer... I would love to taste your self-made butter -- must taste like a bit of heaven. Mind you, I don't even care all that much for butter. ;)

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog now and then -- so very much appreciated. Thanks also for your support last year after the Practical Magic party. It's bloggers -- and friends -- like you who make blogging extra special.

I thought I had left a comment on one of your recent post about crab cakes, but it didn't show up after all. Just to let you know that I have been there before, wishing you and yours a wonderful 2012!

Take good care,

PS: If you want to win an Oktoberfest T-shirt, come over to my blog. :)
How many years has it been since I had fresh butter! All I have to do now is get one of these cows to stand still long enough for me to get milk and let the cream rise.
SharleneT said…
I knew, just as soon as he saw my antique butter churn, you gonna find a way to get one. I will confess, however, that I use my processor like a lazy 21st-century lady. I'm old, I've earned it. I can only imagine the butters you will be coming up with, which means you will also be preparing some fantastic breads. Come visit when you can.
Andreea Florina said…
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