Hoppin' John for New Years Day

This was our New Years Day dinner. It might not look like much but it sure was delicious! From the top left you have: Smothered green beans, collard greens and hoppin' john on the bottom. The red stuff is Bev's fabulous chili sauce which I think can be eaten on just about everything. It is not hot. It is just delicious!

We used to spend lots of time in the south and I fell in love with the food. You can find versions of this dish all over the southern part of our country and each one is unique. This year, I made Bev's recipe because she always has the best ones.

I got another chance to use my favorite new ground bacon. I sauteed some in some olive oil in a heavy pan.

You can make this yourself in a food processor. Just make sure you use a really smokey bacon and grind it very fine.

Add diced onion and green pepper. 1 large onion and 1 large green pepper.

Add 3 finely diced garlic cloves.

Add 4 cups of chicken stock.

I used 3 boxes of frozen black eyed peas.

Add a large smoked ham hock.

Add a couple tablespoons of ground black pepper, some salt to taste and a bit of cayenne pepper.

Throw in a dried red pepper pod. This does not make it too spicy add all but rather heightens the flavor. Bring this to a boil then turn it to a simmer, cover and cook for about an hour. Then uncover, test for seasoning and cook for another half hour. Remove the hock and serve this over rice. I diced up some good smoked bacon and added it to the hoppin' john.


Anonymous said…
when I gave Bev that chili sauce recipe I never dreamed it would be so popular! We have eaten it all my life, mygramma made it for the wealthy tourists that have summer homes here, so its probably 80 years old! this would be a wonderful New Years dinner, yumm!
Anonymous said…
To bad my stomachs reaction to beans is like it is :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Pricilla said…
I love that name but I am not a fan of the bean.
That looks just like my New Year's Day dinner, except I baked your fabulous ham to have with mine. Everyone went crazy.
Pam said…
Oh....looks like a great dinner to me! Yum! :)
Guillaume said…
Looks very green and full of veg for a winter recipe.
Yes, I would hop on over to eat that!
Nellie said…
What a luscious meal! Thank you for your comment on my blog! Yours is really super!
Barb said…
I hope the dinner brings you lots of good luck in the new year. If I remember correctly that 's what the black eyed peas are suppose to do.
LOOKS good, though I'm not a BEAN person, except GREEN beans. HUBBY is though. He LOVES beans on everything. Neither of us has had Collard Greens before. LOVE chili sauce. So there are enough ingredients worth trying here. LOL But of course you know that, DUH!
SharleneT said…
Can't imagine New Year's Day with some black-eyed pea recipe. This is one of my favorites.

BTW, I've featured your fantastic Chicken Noodle Soup today (solar style) for the Crazy Cooking Challenge, so you may be getting lots of newcomers. Love your food!