Late Winter Gardens

Want to see what is happening in my late, mild winter garden?

Evergreen vine growing through the old black locusts.

Teddy leads the way hoping to see a "bad city kitty". I pray that we don't. It is never a pretty encounter.

The huge weeping beech is bald.

One of my first Spring cleanup projects. The gazebo was made with tree trunks and branches and is starting to be taken back by Mother Nature. I need to decide what to replace it with.

It's still looking like Fall in some places.

The Oakleaf Hydrangeas still look pretty.

The Cathedral roses are blooming.

The fish made it through another Winter though with the mild temperatures, I am not surprised.

Another Spring project, stain the garden shed door.

Oh, and of course, The Garden Guard. Teddy says......Martha's Chow Chow, Genghis Khan, came in second at the Westminster Dog Show in the non sporting class?! Good thing I didn't enter!!! I would have kicked his fluffy butt!!!


Ashling said…
There's no doubt Teddy would have been best in show! Your garden is starkly beautiful even in this 'ugly', bare transitional time. So disturbing to see things growing though; we have the start of buds on teh flowering quince...just shouldn't be happening here.
Teddy would have been Best In Show. I have never seen a more beautiful chow. I think your garden is lovely for this time of the years. Thank goodness the fish made it.
A poodle from near Edmonton won best of breed in his class! And also a sheltie from somewhere in Alberta. So a couple of our local pooches rocked the Westminster Dog Show too!
Lois said…
I quite love the photos of your winter garden, I am always surprised at the subtle colours in the dark season. Love the greens in the stone wall/gate, just beautiful.
Anonymous said…
I came to comment on Teddy too. Yes, absolutely, Teddy would have won!
Guillaume said…
A garden in winter can be quite atmospheric. I love those pics.
Robin Larkspur said…
Beautiful stroll through your winter gardens! Many sculptural lovelies! Are cathedral roses the same thing as "Hellebores"? I think the judges may have been "skeered" of Martha, though her chow is handsome. But Teddy is the Queen among her kind, and all shall bow down before her!! We love Teddy!!!
Nellie said…
Hadn't heard about Martha's Chow. I'm sure Teddy would have given that one a good run!:-)

We, too, have had a very mild winter, but then, we aren't really known for having very cold ones, anyway.

Thanks for the tour. No kitty found today!
Anonymous said…
Teddy would have won hands down for sure, I love the gazebo, even grown in, that makes it even more beautiful.
Ina in Alaska said…
Maybe a nice pergola over the gazebo. Right now the gazebo looks like "The Secret Garden". Mysterious!

Also mysterious: Bad City Kitty! ???

Your winter has been pretty mild. I think you will make it through without too much "winter" weather!

Not us, however! More snow is expected tonight. And Anchorage has received so much snow that now there is nowhere for the Municipality to put it. The streets are regularly cleaned and the snow is carted off to Municipal lots. Which are 99% at capacity. The town is thinking about folks with a lot of property to rent space so snow can be dumped on their property. Can you believe it??!! Pretty crazy winter here. The melt is going to be unbelieveable.

Teddy is much cooler than Ghengis! Pooh on Martha in any event!
I love your winter garden. Yes Teddy should enter Westminster and pick up that trophy next year!
Barb said…
I like the look of winter gardens and yours is amazing. Your Helebores are much further along than ours out here. Maybe next year Teddy needs to show Genghis Khan a thing or two!
Suzie said…
Hubs and I were watching Genghis Khan here in our motel room, and I mentioned to Ed, that as gorgeous as GK is, Teddy shines far above him! She is right. .she would have him bowing at her feet!

I love your gardens in each season .it has a wild beauty about it now. A restlessness. .a stirring of beautiful awakenings. You have that magic touch in the garden too.
Glad to see the fish swimming. The flowers are beautiful. But MORE color is needed to get the drab out of this season. LOL No doubt about it, Teddy would have kicked some major dog butt and WON that competition, paws down. Take care.
Phoebe said…
Love your photos...It's easy to envision your winter grounds emerging into a beautifully enchanted garden with the coming spring... although there is a rare beauty in the subtlety of winter gardens as well, and Teddy sure is an ideal guardian!
Anonymous said…
I can hardly wait to see your gardens in full glory again. They are so beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures. I love the dark colours in late Winter. Teddy looks very happy there !!
Have a wonderful weekend.
SharleneT said…
It's always something, isn't it! Just when you think you have a moment, there's another item for the to-do list. February is a big to-do list month. But, like others here, I can't wait for your yard to blossom, again. After all, you don't want too much free time before Halloween gets here; do you?