Old Fashioned Cube Steaks, Goat Cheese Polenta and Spinach

I haven't made cube steaks since I was a little kid so when I saw them at the butcher the other day, I thought....why not? I forgot how good they are. My family had never had them before and they all really loved them.

Bring the steaks to room temperature.

Coat them with flour which you have seasoned with salt and pepper and seasoned salt like Lowrey's. press them down into the flour to get them really coated.

Fry them in a couple tablespoons of butter over high heat.

Don't they look good?

Throw a package of fresh spinach into the hot pan.

Sprinkle it with a bit of granulated garlic. Turn the heat down.

Cover for about 2 minutes.

The spinach will shrink and season itself with the pan drippings.

Follow the directions on the package for making your polenta.

Whisk in a knob of butter.

Add a 4 oz. log of goat cheese. Thin to the desired consistency with milk or buttermilk.

Kids love cube steaks.

A quick, delicious, economical dinner.


I'm starving and your cube steak dinner looks wonderful. I love cube steak and never remember to make it. But guess what I bought today while shopping! Cube steak!
Barbara F. said…
Wow, this looks so good. I love your quick recipe for fresh spinach. And I always like polenta, especially with cheese. xo
Anonymous said…
they sell cube steak at our butcher shop and its a really hot item in winter, I have no idea why in winter but everyone frys them with onions, then make gravy to pour over creamy mashed potatoes, but the polenta is such a nice change, your photos always make me sooooo hungry,
Anonymous said…
I have no idea what we call this over here :-) But I had this only last wekk and I love it :-)

Have a great day!
Karin said…
cube steaks are even better with sausage gravy, mmmm. And served with mashed potatoes :) Now I'm gonna have to go buy some cube steaks!
Pricilla said…
I love polenta....warm, creamy, corny. Delicious! I remember cube steaks from when I was kid.
Guillaume said…
I like old fashioned.
WOW this looks delish. My mom uses cube steaks to make Swiss Steak. They melt in your mouth. It's my dad's favorite. That's the only way I ever had cube steak until I saw a Pioneer Woman recipe using them a couple years ago. Now I'll use this one of yours, instead. Far simpler. And I like the spinach and polenta part too. take care.
Marigold said…
Now how can you go wrong with goat cheese? :) Happy Imbolc!
Ashling said…
Was just thinking about cube steaks this week, but also haven't had them in at least 15 years. Might need to try 'em soon. Today bought all the ingredients for the cock-a-leekie soup for this weekend.
SharleneT said…
It's been forever since I've had cube steaks -- and, I love them! Gotta get in gear and make some. And, with the polenta, it's just perfect! Come visit when you can.
Anonymous said…

you have a colorful blog congrats!I added your link to my follow list.

Take care!
Betsey said…
Ok, I'm going to have to try this. Cube steak of my childhood could take out a home intruder. Every time I think of it, I shudder. This, on the other hand, looks absolutely delish. I guess I will be stopping by the butcher and giving it a shot!