Red and Cream

A red head.

Red Maple

Red rose

And who doesn't love a red tricycle? Makes me want to be 3 years old again.

Red pots make me want to cook.

A big red Moo.

I will stop at the red to visit Spooky Hollow.

Red flames in my fire pit.

Red candy blood for Halloween. Which, btw, is only 249 days away.

Red Hat Society women. Red, very red! And purple.

And a cream Chow Chow that wants to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Barbara F. said…
Yeah, you're back! Sending you a big hug for all the goodies you share, and hints, and, of course, the cutest pooch in Blogland (at least one of the Top Three!) xo
Guillaume said…
Red is such an interesting colour: it an be warm, welcoming or sinister. I love red maple leaves on an Autumn day.
TMCPhoto said…
Red and cream is the best combination. The red tricycle was my fave
Pricilla said…
I'm glad you have your computer problems sorted out. Happy Valentine's Day!
Ina in Alaska said…
Red candy blood? I looked at that picture for a long time. Never saw that before (shuddering)!

Our standard poodle, Halle, will be 14 on Halloween (in 249 days)!

Great post, lovely pictures & welcome back!
Barb said…
RED, RED everywhere, indeed. LOVE the photos. We've been celebrating all day here. Thought I'd take a quick break to wish you, Teddy, The Blog Tech and everyone you love a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY. Take care.
Wizardess said…
So sweet...I was waiting for the cream, and lo, there she is!
Kristen said…
Red is my favorite color! I enjoyed all of your photos. Happy Valentine's Day!
red is alive, in your face, and memorable.

happy v day.

teddy valentine - ((hugs))
red is alive, in your face, and memorable.

happy v day.

teddy valentine - ((hugs))
Only 249 days until Halloween? Where does the time go?

Happy V day to you and everyone at Octoberfarm!
Robin Larkspur said…
Happy Valentine's Day, a little late. Great post, glad you are back online, wow, missed you a bunch!
Anonymous said…
Happy Valentines Day , great photos! Love the red, head.
Nellie said…
I loved this post!:-) Thank you for such a good Valentine's Day greeting!
Anonymous said…
One of the most fun Valentine's posts I've seen. Hope your day was great!
Anonymous said…
Nice to see You back again :-)

Well You know what I think about red :-) Is there any better color :-) Well a cream Teddy is of course the best one can have :-)

I hope Valentine's day was good!
Danielle said…
We sold a Hereford Bull (also know as a big red moo) by Dutch valley in Sugarcreek. Not sure where you live but it is interesting to see the road name and a Hereford in the post.