Shepherd's Pie Mac and Cheese

Once again I had camera problems. I erased my step by step photos. If you want to make this and want to see this step by step, click on this link and scroll down:

My kids love these.

These are so much better than making them with mashed potatoes.


laurie said…
they are great, I tried your recipe for this before, yummo!
These look fabulous. I can actually smell them cooking. This is what's for Bible study next week.
I love shepherds pie :-) I'll make it this way next time I do it. Anything with lots of cheese is worth having and often :-)

Have a great day!
Hello there! I just read through yr original recipe -congratulations on such a popular post and I can see why it was! Sounds yummy! But what is mac????? I am amazed you know what marmite is and use it too ...
Keep on posting such great recipes!
LindaG said…
They look great. I am going to follow your link now. I think I know what we are going to have for dinner. :)
Nellie said…
These look wonderful!
Pricilla said…
I am sorry your camera is giving you problems. I hope it sorts out soon.
Cute individual casserole dishes too!
I bet the kids love this version! c
Poppy said…
I can imagine how wonderful they are! I make sort of a homemade "hamburger helper" with very similar ingredients. I think this would be delicious because the separation between the layers allows you to experience each flavor separately and together.

Nicely done!
injoyinmylife said…
Oh my gosh, I want this right now!!!
SharleneT said…
It doesn't hurt to add a little wine to the mac and cheese, either!Just sayin'.... Lordy, these look good. Loves me some comfort food! SharleneT