Smothered Thyme Chicken on Cheddar Grits

This might not look very inviting but it sure is good. Bev posted this recipe and I just had to try it.

Brine 8 chicken legs and 8 thighs for 8-12 hours in cold water mixed with 1 cup of kosher salt. I added some fresh thyme to the brine. Make sure the water covers the chicken

When you are ready to cook them, make sure you dry them thoroughly on paper towels. Sprinkle them with dried thyme, granulated garlic and salt & pepper.

Using a bit of oil, brown the pieces on both sides until golden. First I browned the legs.

Then the thighs. Remove them from the pot and set them aside.

Slice 3 large onions and add them to the remaining oil.

Scrape up all of the brown bits on the bottom of the pan. This is a lot of your flavor.

Once the onions have softened, push all of your chicken pieces down into them. Add any collected juice on the plate.

Add 5 diced garlic cloves. Add a bunch of fresh thyme, cover the pot and let it simmer on low. Let it cook at a simmer for about 1 1/2 hours until the meat is falling off the bone.

While it is cooking, make some stone ground grits according to package directions.

When they are almost done, stir in 1/2 cup of grated cheddar cheese.

Add some slice green onions.

You can serve the chicken straight from the pot over the grits.

I removed all of the succulent meat from the bones and placed it on top of the grits and sprinkled on more green onions. Mmmmmm....


Anonymous said…
I have never eaten grits!!!!
maybe its time!
Jana ★ said…
Great blog, I love your recipes and post!
Your dog is so lovely.....
I´m your new follower.
I invite you to visit my blog, I hope you enjoy it.
Kisses from Spain ^^
Barbara F. said…
Yummy good for the soul comfort food. I am seriously craving this dish. xo
SharleneT said…
You KNOW what I'm going to do with this recipe; don't you. Love the combination and just happen to have some chicken legs and thighs on hand. I can taste it, already! Grits is my go-to for when I'm over pasta and rice (like, that's possible!) and try all kinds of additions. Cheese, is good. Thanks for sharing.
Robin Larkspur said…
Oh, I bet this smelled so very very good when it was cooking. Comfort all the way around!!
Anonymous said…
I don't think I've ever eaten brined chicken so this is a must try :-) I think I still have some chicken in my freezer that I have to take care of soon.
But one thing, what is grit? When I translate it in Google it only tells me what I already know it means, Courage or gravel and I doubt its either :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
This is some seriously good comfort food for this cold day.I just made a pot of grits to fry for tomorrow.
Being a Canadian (like Laurie), I've never eaten grits either. It's a mystery food to me.
Pricilla said…
I love thyme. Although right now I am having an even bigger love affair with herbes de Provence. Heaven in a spice jar
Nellie said…
How wonderful this sounds! Pure comfort food!
Anonymous said…
Well, I tried grits once in a restaurant and I didn't like it. I'm pretty sure it tasted nothing like what you make. Cheese in it must make it much better. The chicken looks so very delicious. Again, wish I lived next door between you and Bev. I'd be eating like a queen!
Rue said…
Grits isn't a thing, here in Canada. These do look good though - I'd eat anything with cheese & green onion! The chicken though - is something I'm definitely going to try!
My husband is CRAZY for GRITS. But he's never had any with cheddar cheese, green onions and chicken. LOOKS delish.