Spring Strawberry and Spinach Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

I give up....no winter for us this year. Spring seems to have set in. And, it is influencing my cooking. Yesterday I made these salads which were a big hit. They are easy and really delicious.

First I placed some spring greens lettuce on the plate and then topped it with a heaping handful of spinach. Then I added some of the sliced beets I recently pickled and some of the pickled hard boiled eggs sliced thin.

Add thinly sliced radishes, strawberries and red onions. I also sliced up some of my oven roasted tomatoes and sprinkled them over the top.

Crumble on some feta cheese and drizzle with poppy seed dressing

Doesn't this look pretty?

Poppy Seed Dressing Recipe:

1/3 C. white vinegar
1/2 C. sugar
1 tsp. kosher salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
1 tsp. Dijon mustard
1 large green onion
1/2 C. vegetable oil
1 tsp. poppy seeds

In a food processor or blender, place the first 5 ingredients and pulse to blend. With the motor running, slowly pour the oil into the mix until it thickens. Pour into a pitcher and stir in 2 tsp. of poppy seeds.


Texan said…
That looks fantastic! Yummy!
Anonymous said…
pretty? yes for sure, its beautiful, the Japanese say we should eat first with eyes and I think this is one of those kind of meals.
That looks so good! I can't wait to try the Poppy Seed Dressing. Spring is here!
Victoria said…
Beautiful! Sounds wonderful!I love poppy seeds.
Pricilla said…
A work of art on a plate!
Joy said…
Well, it's snowing over here again! No spring in sight.
=( BTW, I finally have all the ingredients ready so I'll be making a "Turklish" version of your wild rice mushroom soup and posting it later this week. Thanks!
Barbara Shores said…
This Looks so delicious. I am copying the recipe and we WILL be trying it. Thanks soooo much for sharing these lovely recipes.

Much Peace,
Robin Larkspur said…
Joyce, this looks like a beautiful dish to serve on a gorgeous spring day, how delicious. Now I am wanting to decorate for spring. But heavy snow predicted for tomorrow here, maybe some will drift down from Syracuse to you!
Anonymous said…
That looks so good. I really like the sound of that dressing!
I'm not the biggest salad eater in the world but I'd sure go for that one!
Guillaume said…
Looks very exotic and summery.
Nellie said…
While we have been waiting for winter, the birds are chirping, and our temperature today will probably register in the low-70's. Sounds like spring is here, too. And - this is a very delicious way to celebrate its arrival.:-) I love the sound of this salad!
Debbie said…
OMG JOyce do you ever rest? Amazing woman!
Ina in Alaska said…
What a lovely & nutritious combo of fine flavors. And I LOVE beets. All very pretty on the plate!
That is about the most delicious looking and sounding salad I have ever seen..as is the dressing!!
Anonymous said…
We're having spring temperatures here at the moment anyway but it will get more chilly here soon again.

But this looks so nice :-) But we're still having imported things and they just don't taste the same so I'll wait with this for a while.

Have a great day!
Rue said…
Yes! This is exactly what I want today! I have most of the ingredients...just have to pick up some strawberries.

But I have to fight Beau-the-cat for the spinach. She comes running whenever I pull out the leaves. I have to cut one up for her into grass-like strips and feed her first, otherwise I never get a salad made!
I LOVED everything about this EXCEPT the beets. I saw beets, didn't I? LOL take care.