Teddy's Bones

Teddy recently received some bones as gifts. Nothing like a bone to keep her occupied for a while.

It is the hunting for the hiding place that takes up all of her time.

She stands motionless outside for a long time making sure no one is sneaking up on her to snatch it away.

She is eyeballing me!

Then off she goes to find the perfect most secret place. I found this white one on the side of the house covered in dirt.

She actually decided to chew the second one a bit.

She stomped on it several times with her jumbo paws.

Then she swatted it a few times.

I would not want to be that bone.

The big paw comes in handly to hold the bone down.

Then it is on to bone number 3.

And this is the way Teddy greets The Blog Tech each day.

It is a ritual which takes about 10 minutes.

She either loves him a lot or wants to eat him.

The Blog Tech gets black tongued.

The Blog Tech is tasty.

All done, now we can get on with the day.


Robin Larkspur said…
I hope Teddy doesn't get mixed up and you find the Blog Tech on the side of the house, covered with dirt!! LOL!
Barbara F. said…
This is the cutest post. I'd say it is a mutual admiration society thing going on!!! xo
True love! Nothing like a dog for lots of love and big kisses!
Pricilla said…
Kill the bone!
I guess it depends on what the blog tech has eaten, eh?
Phoebe said…
She seems very regal with a loving disposition... makes me sentimental for my Sharpei who passed away last year - she had the same mannerisms, and was also beautiful. How lucky we are to be blessed with these special family members - thank you for posting these wonderful photos!
Anonymous said…
I think thats so funny the bone hiding performance, and now that I have saw the luvin smooching she does with the blog tech , its so hard to imagine Teddy aggressive but I they can be, what bond those two have,
Teddy is absolutely beautiful. Blog Tech is not bad either. Great post!
Anonymous said…
Nothing like lovely dog smoochies! My Pyrenees loves to bury bones, so she's not allowed to have them while the garden is planted.
Karin said…
Teddy is so stinkin cute! I have always wondered - are Chow's like a SharPei with loads of fur? Do they have wrinkly skin under that fur? The face looks similar, and that black tongue they have in common. I've never seen a Chow in person, but we've had a SharPei and have a SharPei/Rott cross now...
Teddy clearly loves her boy!
Barb said…
I really enjoy the Teddy posts!!! I got to see my wonderful Granddog Albert this morning.
Anonymous said…
Teddy was cracking me up! One of my little ones is the same way. She gets a bone and then starts to stress out because 1, where to put it? 2, will someone else find it? 3, maybe I better go check on it!!! They are so funny. Ah, Teddy really loves blog tech. That is just as cute as can be. Blessings dear!
Marigold said…
I love Robin's comment! LOL! The Mighty Quinn always runs around trying to find the perfect hiding place for any bone too. The trouble is, Cabra is always right behind him and as soon as he 'buries' it, it is hers. Then she has two. She then gets them started and the Mighty Quinn comes along later and steals it back after it has been properly 'prepared'. :) It is like watching an orchestration.
luckybunny said…
Absolutely beyond adorable!
Precious pictures with the blog tech, she wuvs him.
SharleneT said…
Love the rituals. My chihuahua has to lick my feet, at least once a night. And then, according to some timing in her little mind, she abruptly stops. It is done. Teddy looks so gentle but I bet you'd have to think twice before you can take it away from her!
Wizardess said…
She is so sweet! I'd like to just bury my face in her fur. But of course she would just take my face off.
Rue said…
Awww - this reminds me of my dog, when she used to get big bones. She'd always try to take them out and bury them - I was always chasing them down and washing them off.

Teddy & the Blog Tech have the cutest routine - lol!
LOVE how TEDDY carefully hides the location of her hidden treasure. She has LOTS of bones to keep track of, doesn't she? LOVE how she LOVES the Blog Tech, too. Sweetest dog, ever.
Julia said…
That is just the cutest dog ever! :)
Jen said…
When people say chows are mean or not affectionate, I will refer them to your blog and this post. Teddy looks like a big love bug! What a sweet creature to come home to. She's a doll.