Cherry Blossom Time

My daughter's event was very successful.

She said the food was gone in an hour.

She made all the arrangements from things she cut in the garden.

All of the trees in the gardens are blooming.

She managed to have all the tables ready when the guests arrived.

The Asian noodle salad traveled well!

She cut crudite and made a ginger dip. She serves them in individual cups so no worrying about double dipping.

Meatballs in cherry barbecue sauce in keeping with the cherry blossom theme.

And the always popular dessert buffet.

She placed my Asian dolls around as decorations.

Kolachkes and assorted Asian candies. We like to mix cultures!


petoskystone said…
Lovely! So glad the evening was a success :)
Guillaume said…
You got me in the mood for a cherry blossom.
It looks like a wonderful event, as always! Reminds me of one of my favourite haiku -- "Beneath cherry blossoms, everyone is happy."
Ina in Alaska said…
Although as I type this post I am eating classic Shredded Wheat for breakfast, the food, flowers and utter class of this presentation have me drooling.

Yum and double Yum!!!! No wonder it was successful, everything was just perfect.

And Halle is doing great this morning. She seems just as normal as before her seizure. Whew!!
I know where I had placed myself anyway :-) :-) :-)

So beautiful with the flowering trees! That won't be happening for quite some time here even if it is unusually warm for the season here too. Not close to Your temperatures though :-)

Have a great day!
SharleneT said…
Ha, ha, ha -- stop the double-dipping! Obviously, my gentleman caller wasn't there. (He's convinced that, if something is really tasty, the hostess set it out for him and him, alone!) What beautiful memories from my old stompin' grounds. I loved the cherry blossoms in DC. So glad to see your daughter is carrying on a great cooking tradition.
Pricilla said…
Had it been planned or did she have to change the date since the cherry blossoms bloomed so early this year
LindaG said…
Congratulations! Glad to hear it was a big success. :o)
Dee said…
You are such a good mother.
Barbara F. said…
Fabulous! I just may have to take a trip to DC for one of these events. She (and you!) do such a fantastic job. xo
You are a great Mom.

She has her mother's sense of style and elegance for hospitality.

xoxo to Teddy
Wow, Joyce! We can see who she takes after! She did herself proud - what a lovely occasion it must have been.
How absolutely beautiful! You and mini-you should be so proud. I'm proud of you both. No wonder she is on the top 10 list of "should visit" in DC.
Nellie said…
Lovely, lovely tables. The flowers remind me of our daughter's wedding arrangements last Saturday. It is easy to see your hand in all of this.:-)
injoyinmylife said…
Your daughter is so very talented, but then she is YOUR daughter! Everything looks fantastic. Drooling over the food here. Congrats to your daughter on her event.
laurie said…
so beautifully displayed and presented, an excellent menu, what a wonderfulevent, everyone must have been so pleased.
Her presentation was lovely. The food looked divine. CONGRATS to your daughter for the huge success.
Wonderful, it looks so great and delicious !!!!
Barb said…
It looks like the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree! Her food and presentation was lovely!
The asian noodle salad looked super there a recipe lurking around here?
Rue said…
All your hard work paid off again - a beautiful spread!

Such beautiful blossoms! Ours are still a little while off.
C in DC said…
I would love to see you post (or just have the recipe) for the cherry BBQ meatballs. They sound fantastic.
Lois said…
The blossom trees are just starting here, a month early! I am so hungry now for meatballs...