Hey Teddy

Hey Teddy...where are you going?

What do you have there?

Oh, a bone! Watcha going to do with it?

Do you want to bring it to mama?

Good girl!

Wait...where are you going with that bone?

There is no place to hide it in the house!

(Chows have to bunny hop up stairs)

Are you going to put it with your other toys?

Guess not.

Back outside?

Down the steps you go.

And off into the woods. At this time no bone has been found.

I am passing on this new tip of mine and it is a doozy! This stove top panel was so crusty with baked on spatters that I was thinking of ordering a new one to replace it. I have tried everything possible to get this panel clean. Last night before I went to bed, I placed the panel in a black garbage bag, placed paper towels over it and poured ammonia on them. Then I sealed the bag. This morning I opened the bag and voila! All of the horrible baked on gunk had liquefied and I was able to wash it all away using a scrubbing sponge. The panel looks like new. I am going to be using this trick on lots of things. Groady garden tools, messy frying pans...endless possibilities!


Anonymous said…
It certainly looks like Teddy is happy with her bone! I like the way that tip sounds for cleaning up gunky stuff. I'll have to remember that.
Kelly said…
Teddy has the right idea. Keep that bone to yourself. Emma has to go around and show her bone to everyone before she will chew it. Of course she is a Lab. What a great idea for the stove grate. I will have to keep that idea stored. It looks great. Brand stinkin new!
Pricilla said…
Good to know but didn't it just gas you to death?
I'm using this on my stove tonight plus a couple of frying pans. What a great idea!

Teddy is too cute for words.
Anonymous said…
Teddy's shannigans are a hoot, not going to let anyone get those bones or see where they are hidden!!
That cleaning trick I have heard before but knew no one who actually did it, great news it works, its cheap too!
Anonymous said…
I can tell You that no bone survives long enough here to even get a chance to be hidden anywhere :-) :-) :-) They all know that as soon as they have hidden anything one or both the other dogs will find it and eat it :-) :-) :-)

I use chlorine in much the same way .-) :-)

Have a great day!
LindaG said…
Bookmarked this tip. Thank you!
Teddy Girl is a hoot. Hope she is feeling better.

Quite a job the ammonia did for sure.

Happy Day.
Teddy cracks me up with the bone. Reminds me of my furbabies. My kitties play with fake mice and their favorite place to put them... is in their FOOD bowl. Of course momma can take a hint. LOL
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the great tip - don't tell anyone, but I really needed it!! Okay, so we all know I'm madly in love with Teddy. She is so freakin adorable! I love the way she is searching for a fantastic place for her bone. My Meeka does something like that and she gets so frustrated because no place is good enough. Well, at least Teddy found a place that no one knows about. Good for her.
Barb said…
I really enjoy the adventures of Teddy!
oh...that face on teddy with the bone....she is so cute !!!!

l'il teddy bunny hops the stairs too... i make a point of going behind him just so i can watch him do it...i love it !!!!!

kary and l'il teddy
Ina in Alaska said…
I enjoyed Teddy's bone chilling adventure & tour of your house!

And thanks for the tip! Good one!
luckybunny said…
Teddy is so gorgeous... she looks quite pleased with herself with that bone! You have such a beautiful home! Every time I see pictures of it, I just sigh, it's lovely :)
Nellie said…
It appears that Teddy is feeling better! Thanks for the cleaning tip. Cleaning is not one of my favorite chores.:-(
SharleneT said…
Ammonia was my grandmother's answer to anything greasy and I always forget to use it. Thanks for the reminder. Now, I have another project to do, this weekend.

Teddy should be on that "worry, worry," commercial! Hope she found a place for her bone.
Nathalie said…
Thank you for the cleaning tip. I really needed it. I purchased a Le Crueset small skillet at an estate sale($5)that was really nasty and have tried and tried to get it clean. I will be cleaning it your way tomorrow! I hope it works as well on the skillet as it did on your stove.