Tough Decisions

This giant red maple is my favorite tree. It shades the back of my house from harsh summer sun and it keeps Teddy cool. It shows the most spectacular color in Fall and is so vibrant it tints my entire kitchen red.

But, a couple days ago I noticed this.

Upon closer inspection I saw this.

It is lifting my pavers.

It's roots fill all of the cracks on my patio.

Then I saw this and my decision was made.

I have been living with roots like these slowly taking over my gardens.

Two of my honey locust have to go too. They are destroying my back patio.

I can barely get grass to grow.

The Little Shop of Horrors.

At least 2 of these maples have to go too.

Teddy will be as unhappy as I.

This is her, Do these trees really have to go, mama?, look.

Yes, it is time.

This I could live with.

This I can not. Why do landscape architects recommend these plantings when they know what eventual havoc they will wreak? I see a wealthy arborist in my future!


Anonymous said…
Well, first of all, I must comment on the second picture of Teddy - she looks so pitiful!!! She is distressed over all the work that has to be done. I think she will miss her trees. So sorry you have to go through all this. By the way, love your porch.
Raven said…
Oh, no! It will be sad to lose those trees. Why not plant a couple of Hawthorns to take their place? They are gorgeous, grow quickly, and don't get anywhere near as big. An Elder tree would be nice, too, and of course you can make jam (and magical tools) from both.
Pricilla said…
Oh what a shame. I hate to see old trees cut down but trust me, I understand.

Himself will be taking down the 100+yr old bull pine behind the yurt. After the skylight blew off he started looking very closely at the trees around here.
Heather said…
That's too bad. I love trees and wish I had some around my house. As it is, we have two tiny elms we've been trying to keep alive through the elements for the past couple of years. Maybe in 100 years they'll be big enough to cause problems.

You have a beautiful home. I love the look of it. So pretty!~
Mary said…
What a disappointment for you. It looks like the time has come. I am sure you have put this off as long as you can. I like the photo of your house. It looks like a fun house. Your TEDDY is fabulous.
Anonymous said…
First of all i must tell you how gorgeous your house is...I love it!!!
I love trees, and hate to see any tree cut down, so I can see why Teddy looks so sad. I do see why you have to make the decision to cut them. The roots are destroying things in your yard. I like Raven's suggestion~~~

Anonymous said…
well thats a shame, I agree why do they encourage to plant them, to secure down the road another huge job of removal.Sad,
Anonymous said…
Yes its definitely time to take them down! I hate to do that but those roots can damage the house as well if You are unlucky.
Thankfully It seems most of our trees doesn't have that shallow lying roots.

Have a great day!
Teddy looks so unhappy! Have you thought about moving the house! haha I hate cutting trees also.
Nellie said…
Such a tough decision to make about EACH tree.:-( We were faced with similar problems at our former home. We wondered about the landscape architect as well. Surely they know what the plants will become!
Guillaume said…
It is always sad and difficult to cut a tree down. They are not only part of the garden, they really are part of the house, of home.

Oh and your house looks magnificient, like a real haunted house!
FreeDragon said…
I know how you feel, I have to take down a dead crab apple tree. It is really old and huge. I think smaller trees, like dogwoods or maybe a Japanese maple may be your best bet. I hope you replace the maples with something- a yard without trees is just sad.
Barb said…
So sad to hear about those trees!
Ina in Alaska said…
Oh wow those roots are causing lots of problems! Do the roots get dug up too? That is going to be a big job!
Britt-Arnhild said…
Oh, poor Teddy, and poor you.
But I am sure you will find something else to plant which will make your beautiful garden glow once more.

Good luck.
It's going to be a sacrifice for sure. But it looks like you've made a decision. Good LUCK. "Teddy sometimes we have to do things we don't want to do for the greater good. Your paw might get stuck in between the pavers where they're coming up. So don't be sad. Your momma is right."
Aggie said…
I am sorry you have to lose some of your trees. I had a similar situation but let it go too long and it went through our plumbing and wires (we have underground).