Turkish Koftes

I saw these on Claudia's blog this morning and dropped everything and made them. I love the Turkish Blogs I follow and I especially love Claudia's recipes. I get so excited when she posts a new one, I almost always rush to make it. If you haven't visited these Turkish blogs yet, make sure you check them out. They are on my sidebar.

Grate a small onion.

Soak 2 slices of stale bread in water.

Dice a bunch of parsley.

Squeeze all of the water out of the bread.

You can use lamb or beef. I used both. This is 2 pounds.

Add the onion, the bread and parsley, 2 tsp. cumin, 1 tsp. sumac, 4 diced garlic cloves, 2 tsp. black pepper and 1 tsp. salt.

Add 1/2 cup of flour.

Add 1 egg and mix and mix and mix.

When it starts to cling to your hands, it is mixed. Don't under mix or they will fall apart while cooking. The mixture should be almost smooth when finished.

With damp hands, form the meat into fingers.

Saute' in olive oil turning to brown all sides.

Drain on paper towels. I served these with yogurt mixed with cucumber, paprika, sumac, cilantro and salt and pepper. I spread this mixture on pita and wrapped it around the koftes. These would be great served with the roasted Turkish peppers but I have not made mine this week yet. Thanks Claudia! Another great recipe!


Pricilla said…
Interesting. I don't have sumac....I've never used it.
Anonymous said…
they sound wonderful, I have gone to her blog when you mentioned her before, such a wonderful cook she is.
Anonymous said…
These looks and reminds of something we call Järpar and those I love :-) I wouldn't be surprised if ours are inspired from the Turkish ones.

Have a great day!
Ina in Alaska said…
1. Love your knife!! I really need to upgrade my old knives.

2. These look delish but right now I am a little worried about the pink slime issue in ground beef... The pink slime issue has been in the news recently. I need to investigate whether that garbage is in ground beef before I next make any recipe containing ground beef.... including my beloved meatloaf.... again....
These do look and sound wonderful. I will certainly give them a try. I'm in my spring cleaning mode the past two days. That doesn't happen often. Plus I'm munching on the Meyers Lemon Cookies.
these look yummy, especially with the tzatziki sauce in a pita. I'll have to try them soon!
I'd make them with the lamb. Looks tasty.
Joy said…
Sumac is such a lovely, tart spice - sprinkled on salads, soups and herbed yogurt! Love that you are willing to cook just about anything in your American kitchen! Maybe someday, you'll get to try the real deal here in Turkey. =)
Such a lovely blog!~ I'm a new follower ~ ♥♥
i saw something similair the other day only they were on a skewer and grilled...but they sure look good !!!!

kary and teddy
You are amazing! Yours look better than mine!!! Well done you! I note you added sumac - brilliant! But they are tasty, aren't they? Sooo very glad you tried these köfte! xx