The Best Chocolate Cake

I made two of these cakes the other day.  This recipe is easy to throw together and is one of the best cakes you will ever taste.  It is dense, moist and very chocolatey!  The fire fighter groaned when he took his first bite. It is a very typical reaction to this cake

Click here for the step by step recipe:

Let them totally cool before frosting them.

I will post more of the kids weekend food tomorrow.


Patty Woodland said…
Groaning firefighters are good.
This is a fabulous cake. I made it before when you posted the recipe. I'm also making it for my monthly ladies meeting at church in May. Everyone loves it. Hope your's having fun with the family this weekend.
Barbara F. said…
It looks scrumptious, love a good chocolate cake with white icing. Fave combo for cake. xo
Guillaume said…
The best chocolate cake I know is my grandmother's.
The groan signifies his PLEASURE, ey? I don't do chocolate cake, but that makes me want to? LOL My daughter LOVES chocolate. She's going to LOVE it, I'm sure. take care.
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh I'm starving now. Between the macaroni salad and chocolate cake, I'm really for a picnic, yummy.
Judith said…
How can you keep cooking with your poor hand? your a brave woman!