Papaya, Mango and Lime

This is a combination I learned to love in Costa Rico. I don't think I ever ate papaya until it was served to me this way. I loved it at the first bite.

I usually don't add pineapple but they looked so nice and ripe at the store that this time i threw it into the mix.

Cit the papaya in half.

Seed it buy running spoon under the seeds.

Slice each side in thirds. The run a knife under the flesh just above the skin. Cut it into cubes.

Slice each side of your mangoes along the stone.

Score them with a knife.

Press the skin side in and the mango pops out. Run a knife under the cubes and add them to the bowl.

Squeeze lots of fresh lime juice over the fruit. Toss it around to coat all the pieces. Sorry, I forgot to take a final photo but believe me, it is a wonderful healthy snack. The combination of flavors is perfect. It really needs nothing else.