Pulled Pork Sandwiches

This is one of the ways I used the rolls from yesterday.  I made pulled pork sandwiches.  I will show the recipe for the macaroni salad later.

Brown a 3 # pork shoulder on all sides in a heavy pot with some oil.  Season the pork with lots of pepper, salt and thyme before browning.

I wanted to use up a bottle of Belgian beer I had left from the carbonnade and some beef stock so I used this for my liquid.

Add the beer and stock, cover the pot and bake at 300 degrees for 5-6 hours.

You can peel the fat off in a complete sheet.

The meat will shred easily.  Cover the meat and refrigerate.

Pour the juice into a bowl, cover and refrigerate.  The next day you can easily skim off all the fat.

Add the gelled juice to a heavy pot and warm over a low flame.  Add 2 T. ketchup, 1/2 C. honey, 1/4 C. apple cider vinegar, 1 T. brown sugar, 2 tsp. Worcestershire sauce and 1 tsp. hot sauce.

Add 3/4 C. of yellow mustard.  Bring this to a slow boil and then simmer it for about 20 minutes.

For the slaw, thinly slice a large onion.

After the 20 minutes, pour the mustard sauce over the pork.

Thinly slice a small cabbage, 1 red pepper and 2 carrots and add them to the onions.  In a pot, mix 1 C. apple cider vinegar, 2/3 C. oil, 1 T. yellow mustard, 1 tsp. salt, 1 tsp. black pepper, 1 C. sugar and 1 T. celery seed.  Heat this until the sugar dissolves.   Cool slightly and pour it over the cabbage mixture.  Toss several times until the cabbage wilts.

Place some of the pork on the bottom of the bun.  Top with the slaw.

Add the top of the bun and there you go.  I can make these with one hand but I sure can't eat them with one!


Robin Larkspur said…
A perfect meal! Looks fab, and I bet it smells and tastes like summer!!! Be sure to wear a bib for one-handed eating!
Patty Woodland said…
Pulled pork is one of my most favorite foods.
laurie said…
wow, you made thiswith one hand, now thats a feat!
Someone better feed you this yummy sandwich after all your hard work, this is a slaw we always eat in the winter, I keep a jar in the fridge, its so good, i bet it tastes really yummy with this sandwich, hope you're healing well,
Am I too late for lunch, or too early for dinner! That looks leavenly. Making this on Saturday.
injoyinmylife said…
Also one of my very favorite foods. I'd love to share this with you. Your pictures are fabulous. Yummy.
Nellie said…
I don't even know HOW you are able to do this with one hand! A number of years ago, while involved in a special education course for teacher recertification, we were assigned the challenge of assuming a "disability" for a day. I had my right hand immobile and had to function throughout the day without its assistance. I am right-handed! What a challenging experience!
Hopefully your healing is proceeding normally.
By the way, my mouth is watering!:)
Barbara F. said…
I want one of these right now, and the macaroni salad, mmmm, I love a good mac salad. Can't wait for the recipe. xo
Rue said…
Now I see where all those buns from yesterday went to! Wonderful!

Also love the bling you bought yourself - the perfect colour!

Hope you are healing up well from the surgery.
Ina in Alaska said…
I love the beautiful white bowl in which you feature the lovely meal, love the pot in which you brown the pork. Classy.

I will definitely make this. You know I enjoy pulled apart pork. Mr. O will really enjoy this. Hope the thumb is coming along well.
Carolina Slaw on top of pulled pork is DELICIOUS. Yours looks scrumptious too. Take care.
Danielle said…
I made this recipe with beef because I have so much in the freezer. It was yummy!
SharleneT said…
I have a challenge for you! In the booth next to mine at the Midtown Market, the lady bakes pulled pork pretzels! Yes. And, they are delicious. Just sayin'... Just sayin'...