Tom Cruise or Kevin Bacon

No photos today. At 2:30 last night the anesthetic wore off and the pain set in. Oofah!!! This should be no surprise to me since I know they had to enlarge the wound and reconnect nerves, but still!!! So, though I am very opposed to meds, I broke down and took what they prescribed. Then I went to Hollywood. I was looking for an apartment with Tom Cruise (who I can't stand) and turned down a date with Kevin Bacon (whom I like). I waved hello to Tom Hanks as I passed him on the street. Then I went shopping with my daughter and ran into my old boss and was happy to see her (no freaking way). I was in a house that had 10 ovens in the kitchen, none of which worked. Then I woke up to reality and more pain. I can handle it during the days but I will be going back to Hollywood tonight. I will be looking for Ryan Gosling. If you see the red carpet anytime soon, I will be the one in the raggedy PJ's and the bandage that looks like a boxing glove. But all the handsome guys will be hanging all over me! For a few days I am saying yes to drugs.


chickpea678 said…
Hahaha! I like your independent streak! It takes guts to wear raggedy pjs to the oscars!