The Trees Are Gone

The beautiful huge Red Maple that shaded the patio and the back of the house is gone. Only the roots remain for us to dig out and re-lay the pavers. My already hot kitchen is about to be hotter.

I am going to fill the planter with flowers.

Two of the Maples were removed behind the pool.

And 2 large locusts are gone from behind the garage. So sad but the had to go.

My Salem Witch Day lilies are very high for so early in the year.


Last years mums are coming back.

The Azaleas are blooming.

The Clematis should be blooming in a few days.

Violets planted themselves in my planters along with some unknown plants. I have a lot of weeding to do.

The Japanese Maples are filling out nicely. Everything is turning green.


chickpea678 said…
Love your house and garden! I noticed the wonderful pattern in the pavers. Are radishes perennial or did you get those planted before the accident? So fun to be able to comment on your entries!!
Rue said…
I love when you give us a garden tour! I really like the idea of that bed on stilts. I need to get the neighbour to build some - how handy to have your radishes at hip-height!

It's always sad to take out trees, but when they are lifting foundations, what else can you do?
SharleneT said…
So sad that your pretty October tree is gone... but, I suppose it was necessary. You certainly have a lot of work coming and, being one-handed, I'm sure the Blog Tech is standing there with tools in hand waiting for his orders; right?