Container Gardening

 As you know,  I decided to dive into container gardening this year.  I haven't had this much color in my gardens in quite sometime.

 It is an interesting experiment for me.

 I chose to use yellows, purples, blues and reds.

 I am anxious to see how the perennials will do over the winter.  The violets in this planter planted themselves and they come back each spring.

 I expect this planter to eventually cascade with red and purple Petunias and chartreuse sweet potato vines.

 I repeated the color scheme throughout the garden with different flowers in each pot.

 I have herbs planted everywhere too.

 There are reds in here that are not blooming right now.

 I am just about to go outside and attack this planter as well as it's twin. The tall flowers are Toadflax that planted themselves here.  They will be transplanted to another location.  The mums are from last year and they will get transplanted too.

 My bay leaves have come back with a passion.

 See that tiny little blurry green first tomato of the season.  I get so excited about my vegetables!

 The little blurry white thing is my first pepper.  I can't use the focus with one hand.

 Purple and white clematis growing over a pot of Impatiens.

 I am growing a precious little puppy too.  I water and feed her every day.

 These stakes are so cool.  They gather sunlight all day and then glow at night.

 The hydrangeas are about to bloom.

 As are the Oakleaf Hydrangeas.

 A Magnolia bud.

 Petunias planted with chives.

 Oregano growing in the cracks on the stone stairs.

 The pensive pup.

 Smile for the camera.  Or not!

 I have Tiger Lilies everywhere this year.

 More white Clematis growing through the Climbing Hydrangeas.

 I've hung chains of mirror tiles in different places and they reflect the sun in very cool patterns.

 The bees are really enjoying the blooms.

 My blurry first eggplant.

 Hopefully, this will mimic the other planter and will cascade with purples, chartreuse and reds.

A posy hat.


Barbara F. said…
And doing all this planting one-handed. A-maze-ing!! xo
Barb said…
Since I will soon be one handed for a short time(carpel tunnel) you are my inspiration. Just an idea- we have trees in pots on our second story deck. When really cold weather is predicted, we wrap the pots in the big bubble wrap. we have never lost a tree or perennial using this technique.
Jennifer said…
Wow, it all looks wonderful. I love the selection of suculants in the second photo. My garden goal this season is to expand my collection of suculants.
Patty Woodland said…
Gorgeous. Himself has started planting the garden. I can't plant outside of the 9ft fence due to certain hungry herbivores. ah hem.

I do have a meyer lemon tree inside that is blooming for the first time. I'm so excited. I hope I actually get a little lemon!
Mary said…
Beautiful garden! Can you tell us more about your chains of mirrors? Did you make them yourself. Thanks.
Nellie said…
The basil is beautiful! Hope the stinkbugs stay away!
FreeDragon said…
I love your solar star stakes.
LindaG said…
Everything is looking fantastic!
I'm so excited about your vegetable pots. My tomato plants are growing like crazy but no tomatoes yet.
Guillaume said…
I always love your garden pics.
Your final planter looks like one we have in our garden, except ours is made of cast iron. We call her "The Heavy Head" because she was a bitch to carry home on the plane from Stratford, Ontario where My Rare One bought her.
Ina in Alaska said…
Loved all of it!! I too love the solar stakes-

I love plants that "volunteer" to show up where least expected. I am not a gardener but enjoy the gardens of others-

I do enjoy "yardening", cleaning up leaves, debris, sweeping & similar activities.

Teddy is such a charming companion. Maybe some day you could write about how you chose Teddy (or vice versa) & how she came to live with you.
Suzie said…
Obviously, I haven't had time to answer daily, but I haven't neglected stopping in to see how you are doing, and what you are up to! I'm amazed that you can continue to do so much with your hand wrapped up! You are my inspiration!!!

Oh. .and I thought you should know. .I nominated your blog for the 2012 Country Living Blue Ribbon Blogger Awards. I know that you have gone to their fair in past years, and had I been aware of the award last year, your name would have gone into the magic cauldron then! Your blog is certainly worth the biggest blue ribbon they've got!
luckybunny said…
Just gorgeous! I absolutely love the tiger lillies.
I'm with Suzie! You are such an so many ways. This hand thing and continuing to post, keep up their blogs, cook, garden, not to mention making folks just plain feel good..and not to mention sending goodies to strangers thousands of miles away!
Wish I could vote. I'd stuff the blamed ballot box!!
LOVE all the pretty purple flowers. The posy hat is interesting. can't say that i've ever seen one before??? But that pensive pup is a keeper. take care.
SharleneT said…
My only "container" garden, this year, is my waist-high one and since it's 6'x 22', I'm not sure it qualifies, anymore. I made two more lasagna gardens where my pampas grass used to be and decided that's more than enough to keep me busy. I'm still amazed at what you're doing with just one hand. My hat is off to you!