The Front Garden

I get so busy in the back that I tend to neglect the front garden.  (Tree Peonies)

I need to mulch and fill the birdbaths.

I only have perennials in the front.

Click on the photos for a better look.

This is my wood burning oven.  I also have gas running to it in case I don't want to use wood.

I planted some Impatiens in the box on the lower shelf and am hoping they will grow and bring some color to this area.

That's a French bottle drying rack on the right.  I dry pots on it.

This fire pit gets lots of use, especially during autumn.

Today it's supposed to be 90 degrees.

Too hot for me to do much of anything.

Teddy and I might just stay inside in the A/C.

And spend a lot of time watering tonight.

Hope you all are having a nice Sunday.

Right down in the center of the plant is my first tomato!


Anonymous said…
to have a home and ground as beautiful as this is probably only a dream for most of us so to have you share this glimpse in this magical wonderland is amazing.It seems like you have created a space that is a perfect interpretation of Mother Nature at her best, guided to a certain degree with your skill and vision but without taking away from Mother Natures skills, what I'm trying to say in my own clumsy way is you work well with mother nature and I have so much respect for that, I know we have ability to bend and force our gardens to do pretty much as we please but you seem to allow nature to guide you, I like that, sorry long comment, probably un readable too!
Patty Woodland said…
My kind of weather!
Although do you get nasty humidity?
I hate humidity. That is one thing about here in the mountains - it gets HOT but no humidity so it isn't that bad.
Barbara F. said…
Beautiful, I love the wood burning oven, I would want pizza every night if I had one! And the birds near the sink, they look real at first! It is such a glorious day here too, I really should go pull some weeds. (sigh) xo
Barb said…
I looked at all the pictures by looking at the larger version. Absolutely beautiful!!
annie said…
such a beautiful place..,, the stuff of dreams to me.
Guillaume said…
Oh I loooove that wood burning oven. Perfect for pizzas and, very likely, for tourtières.
chickpea678 said…
Inspirational joyce! I staked my tomatoes yesterday. I'm growing Paul Robesons and Brandywines this year. But I've got all sorts of infestations in my hydrangea and clethra (cottony scale) and that whitefly on my cherry laurel! Is that normal to have bugs come to visit or am I mistreating my plants? I'm so sad! My azalea leaves are also curling and look like they have some kind of white mold! Can you send some of your green thumb to inject my brown thumb? :-(
Beautiful, Beautiful! I can't believe how big your tomato plants are. You will have tomatoes before I do.
SharleneT said…
I think our cool days are over, too. I water first thing in the morning, check for weeds, and try to get things cleaned up before nine, or it's just too hot... Looks like a great year for tomatoes. But, the rains may make the peaches mildew. I'm trying to spray but it doesn't always work. Great pix, today!
What a wonderful working garden, such an amazing space; enjoy it! I am missing my great big Texan garden - and dash off to Wisley to smell the flowers whenever I can! - Enjoy : )
Nellie said…
Absolutely welcoming gardens, Joyce! It seems that anywhere is a good place to rest and relax.
Anonymous said…
I am crazy in love with your house and yards. That's all I have to say!!!
Rue said…
I get so excited about finding little tomatoes on my plants! I have a ways to go yet though. Not nearly that hot here!

Love the front garden & the stone wall/window!
It is so refreshing to see your Garden Wonderland. It is so beautiful. Just every woman's fantasy. My yard is in such a shambles because my hubby and I just can't keep up with it, anymore. I hope that never happens to you. ENJOY it for as long as you can.