Garden Patrol

 A couple times each day, Teddy and I go on garden patrol.

 We have to check each outdoor room and make sure no intruders are hiding in the bushes.

 Teddy is very suspect that the bad kitties frolic in the gardens when she is not there.

 Giant hostas make great bad kitty hiding places.

 See how big they are compared to my stump?

 Teddy thinks the bad kitties slide down the creek when she is not looking.

 Oh look..the mountain laurels are blooming. This is one of my favorite plants.

 The 'New Dawn' roses are blooming on the pergola at the guest house.

 I found hardy figs and planted 2 of them.  This area used to be filled with fig trees but even though I dug ditches and buried them for winter, they eventually died. These are good up to -20 degrees and they grown to 20 ft..  I have no idea how I will harvest the figs at that height!

 The top pic shows what used to be my vegetable garden.  If my container garden does well this year and I don't get inundated with stink bugs, I will plant this area with lots of vegetables next year.

The bottom photo shows how much my trees have grown in a few years.  Not long ago you could see the side of my neighbors house.

 My rhubarb is ready to be picked and my garlic is tall.

 The roses smell like perfume.

 I put one of the garden totems I made on the cement table.

 When the new arborvitaes grow, there will be a wall of green once again behind the fireplace.

 It will run behind the counter to the door and continue to the left of the door.

 Top photo:  You always know when a plant has found it's favorite spot.  This Toadflax self seeded and it is 4 ft. tall in this area.

Bottom photo: Teddy thinks the bad kitties come here to steal her fish.

 When I was done doing a few chores I looked for Teddy.  I couldn't find her in the lower gardens.

Ah ha!  There is my faithful pup waiting right up at the gate for me!


Does Teddy ever find a bad kitty to chase or do they exist only in her imagination?
Patty Woodland said…
You have to watch out for those bad kitties!
Teddy takes Garden Patrol seriously. I noticed not one bad kitty was found on your outing. This is good news for the plants and fish.
injoyinmylife said…
Oh sweet Teddy, what would you do if you found a bad kitty?? You are sure one special pup! Joyce, if you didn't live clear across the country, I'd come over to see your beautiful gardens.
Ina in Alaska said…
Ahhh... thanks for the tour. I enjoyed it very much during my work break! Hope your thumb is improving! They did some more cutting and freezing on me yesterday! This time all is well, there is no further issue. So far!
You are hilarious, Joyce! What a great team you and Teddy make!!!!
Nellie said…
I seriously doubt there are any bad kitties sliding down the creek.:-) Our cats seem to stay as far away from water as they can.:)
It's good to see that Teddy is dedicated to performing her duties well.
laurie said…
I think you are so correct about flowers and plants knowing where they will grow best, they know where they need to be, Teddy takes the job very seriously, you can tell by the swagger.
I have removed my blog but will always come to read all your great recipes and the adventures of teddy, I want to thankyou for visiting my blog and for your kind words,
LindaG said…
Beautiful gardens.
jody said…
dont ya just love that our pets keep us safe! your gardens growing!! enjoy your evening and i hope the thumb is healing well!
twincapes said…
Lovely gardens for him to patrol. I found that when I created my gardens out of forest, the local kitties liked to loll about in it also. I think the sense of calm attracted them.
Barbara F. said…
You have your piece of Paradise. Lots of hard work and love, and it shows! Teddy knows it, too. xo
c. Joy said…
What a beautiful garden. It's good to know you've got protection. Thanks for the tour.
Barb said…
You can feel very secure with Teddy on patrol!!
Amish Stories said…
You folks have a great fireplace thats outside,wow. And i hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend as well. Richard
SharleneT said…
I NEED Teddy for my neighbor's cats! They don't seem to get the message that they're not wanted here in my gardens. Your gardens are gorgeous. You shouldn't have a problem with stink bugs, next year. Plant about a month earlier and see what happens. It made all the difference, for me.