The Gardens

 I haven't begun to work on these areas.  I try not to think about how much I have to do.

 I need to thin the lily pads.  They are taking over the upper pond and it is pretty large.

 I hadn't been down here in a week and the entire Weeping Beech leafed out in that time.

 The middle pond.

 Looking up the creek from the middle pond.

 Rhubarb which is about to become sauce and pies.

 I finally planted new arborvitae to replace the one's which were destroyed by the heavy snows a couple years ago.  These are the 'thuja' Green Giants.  They should grow fast and be much more sturdy than the old ones.  These grow about 4 feet a year.
 In a few years this should be a solid wall of green again.

 Teddy's favorite drinking spot.

 She loves fish water.

Though I know she would really like to eat the fish!


Beautiful garden !! I can imagine it is a lot of work, mine is small and also gives me enough work ; )
Love the little thuja's I hope they will grow fast for you !!
Have a great day.
Barb said…
Your garden is so lovely. It looks like a good place to sit and read a good book,that is when you finish all the work!
laurie said…
she might just slurp up a fish sometime! Such a large garden, i don't know how you keep it up so nice all by yourself, looks like a huge undertaking and is such a beautiful spot!Just amazing, the creek and the ponds are beautiufl, the stone work is amazing, looks like its been there for years and years,
edenhills said…
Beautiful! Even those areas where you say you haven't done anything yet are amazing. I'm sure Teddy has a lot of fun watching those fish.
Patty Woodland said…
That is some serious growth! It looks so lovely. We are just starting to green
Barbara F. said…
Joyce, you inspire me. I do not know how you do this yard work by yourself. I have a postage stamp sized space, and it is killing me and so overwhelming. Maybe it is because I don't love it as much as you obviously do. xo
Your garden is just amazing!
My dogs are more interested in fish food than fish water :-) but I guess they wouldn't mind the occasional fish now and again :-)

Have a great day!
They've said everything: what a super garden you have! Do you have anybody to help you with it?? She asked?? Because that's a lot of work...
You do have a lot of work for a one-handed gardener. Everything looks beautiful. Hugs to Teddy!
injoyinmylife said…
I too am so terribly impressed with all you do. You have a beautiful garden and the pond area is so lovely. We had a small pond back in Missouri. Now we just have a tiny backyard. I love Teddy by the pond, so adorable.
Ina in Alaska said…
So pretty! Thanks for the tour & happy weekend!
petoskystone said…
What a beautiful series! How do you thin lily pads?