Happy Memorial Day!

Eat some poppers!

Have some hamburgers and banana pudding.

Decorate your bike.

Watch some fireworks.

Because before you know it guess what will be here?

Time to dance naked under the moon!

Have a great Memorial Day!!!


Anonymous said…
Autumn cannot come fast enough for you can it!Gosh that a pretty painting, I did one almost the same with three crows in the moonlight, always three,
Have a wonderful Memeorial Day, wish i had the pudding, thats my favorite,
Nellie said…
Well, this has certainly made me hungry!
Have a happy day, Joyce!
I didn't know you had to wait until Holloween to dance naked under the moon. If I can stay awake long enough I was planning that for tonight.
I want that pudding. I can almost taste it. You are right October is right around the corner. YIPPEE. A little MOONDANCe is always fun. HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY. take care.
jody said…
yum! i need to try these sliders next time the kids are home!! enjoy your day! its been raining here the last 2 days up here in minnesota but see the sun now! thanx so much for stopping by!
Barbara F. said…
I can't wait for autumn, I am ready for pumpkins and moon dances right now. I have had it with the humidity and we've only just begun. :/ xo
brokenteepee said…
Happy Memorial Day.
It's quite chilly again today. You would be rather happy
Glad to hear your husband likes red bean paste on ice cream! He has a more sophisticated palate than I do.
Guillaume said…
I didn't know it was Memorial Day, shame on me. The food looks delicious. I love the picture of the pumpkins and the drawing of the witches.
Barb said…
I thought maybe it was the summer solstice, for the dancing that is. After all what starts will eventually come to an end!! Bring on the pumpkins!!!!