It's That Time of the Year

 The pool is open!

 New growth is everywhere.

 Why does it rain as soon as my Tree Peonies open?

 We finally got rain and everything is green and lush.

 The ferns and the hostas are opening.

 Lots of work to be done along this path.

 I am cleaning the potting bench and setting it up for summer.

 We had more frost damage this year than I can remember.  This is damage to the Hydrangeas.

 The entire top of my Norwegian maple is bare.  Is it frost damage or just my jerk of a neighbor?

 This is the cracked planter where the big red maple used to be.  I am going to plant it with flowers.

 And Mona...this one is for you!  That is a Fall Flowering Clematis growing against the house.  You will love it on your arbor.

The cistern is running, the lawn guys cut the grass today, the irrigation guy turned the system on and this afternoon the creek should be running.  We are having temps in the upper 80's today and it feels like summer has arrived.  Can I start counting down to Fall now?


Barbara F. said…
Joyce, I must admit, I have been counting down for fall since it fave season of all. Spring is lovely, but too much yard work for me and then allergies, ugh. You have a great yard and a definite green thumb. It has been rainy here but much cooler. Supposed to warm up next week. xo
laurie said…
yes, the count down may begin, you and me both.I try not to use the word hate often so I will say I dislike very much, summer mean to many sunny days whick leave me blind as a mole.
Your grounds around your home are just beautiful, wow!Makes me feel like i should have my sunday go to meeting clothes on when I read your blog! Wow!
petoskystone said…
Oh, all means...let's start the fall countdown. I'm clinging on to what's left of spring with my claws out!
Everything looks absolutely beautiful. Summer is really here!
Robin Larkspur said…
The frost damage is bad this year. Hopefully the hydrangeas will bounce back. I always look forward to the tour of your gardens. Are you doing veggies this year, or not, because of the dreaded stink bug? I planted that sweet autumn clematis three years ago, and it is going to be glorious this fall. Take care now, and the countdown to Autumn is definitely ON!!
TMCPhoto said…
I look forward to your spring garden post every year. Just looking at the pictures of your home is like taking a vacation
Patty Woodland said…
We had snow yesterday. It didn't stick around but it did snow.
Your garden looks fantastic. It has rained here a lot too and everything is so nice and green. I am waiting for some sun now though ; )
Have a great day.
edenhills said…
Everything looks so beautiful and green! Glad you finally got some rain.
We're still wearing coats here.
For so many reasons, too numerous to mention here, I want to sit by that pool and revel in it's existance. My basil bit the dust from the frost. Such a shame about your Hydrangeas. Everything else does look lovely in your yard. But just think... Halloween is only 5 months away.
Kelly said…
I love the green everywhere! We will be up to 60 today and rainy. WooHoo. Rain=hay=happy people.
Barb said…
Your yard looks so lush and green!
Natasha said…
May I just say how beautiful your yard is?? It looks like an English garden. What a pretty place to spend your days :)

Happy Spring/Summer to you!!
Ina in Alaska said… may not begin the Fall countdown! Winter is barely over in Alaska.... Just took my snow tires off & there is still snow on my front lawn. But I did talk to my lawn crew on Thursday!
Tamara said…
I absolutely positively LOVE your farm and all the ways you enjoy it so much!! Your pictures are so lush green and inviting...
injoyinmylife said…
I know that you don't like the summer at all, but you have an unusually beautiful yard and pool for someone who doesn't enjoy it!!! What I can't believe is that you also have a green thumb (although a little sore right now) as well as being a most fabulous cook. How come you got all that talent!!! I'm so envious. I just love your blog.
Nellie said…
Such a beautiful garden! Will you have gardening help since you are a little restricted in the use of your left hand?
I give you permission to begin the countdown to fall.:-)

southernwitch said…
Love the green of Spring! Beautiful post! :)