I've Gone to Pots

 After 2 years of planting no vegetables because of the stink bug infestation in our part of the country, I've taken the plunge and planted some in containers this year.  If I see stink bugs, these will be emptied in a heartbeat!  These planters are planted with different types of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and herbs.  BTW, if you want to try this and do it on the cheap, buy the galvanized garbage cans you see, punch holes in the bottom, add some stones for drainage and then potting soil.  They don't need to be covered in the winter and they will last a long long time.  Click on any of the photos for a larger view.

 Things are starting to fill in.

 The back planter is now planted.

 I sat pots where the locusts were cut down.  Next big project is to cut out roots and re-lay the pavers.

 I planted some pots at the end of the pool where the maples used to be.

 I had 2 raised bed planters here for the last 5 years.  They both were made out of cedar.  The other day the bottom crashed out of the smaller one and I found that all the cedar had rotted.  If you are thinking of getting raised planters, consider ones made out of PVC which will last much longer.

 Bad photo but my Clematis flowers are salad plate size this year.  They have never been so big.

 The first flower bed is filling in too.

 Blueberries.  I never seem to get to them before the birds.

 Teddy laying under her favorite shade umbrella.

 She loves laying out there when the cistern is running.  It lulls her to sleep.

 I even planted an Alpine garden this year.

Hopefully soon I will have cascading flowers flowing out of all of these.


Patty Woodland said…
I hope so. The clematis are gorgeous. No flowers for me - the goats eat them
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures !!!
I'm busy planting up my containers too and have a planter poll at the moment for people to choose what I will plant up next. Care to join in the fun ?????
Your yard is going to be amazing this year. Everything already looks wonderful.
petoskystone said…
Great idea about galvanized garbage cans!
Barbara F. said…
Beautiful, what parties you could host there, the fabulous venue and then your food......mmm mmmmm mmmmmm!!!! xo
Nellie said…
My goodness, Joyce! You have been VERY busy! You will be rewarded by your efforts as your garden will be beautiful when everything is in bloom!
LindaG said…
Everything looks great! :o)
jody said…
of course i loved the pictures of your garden today! and my son/girlfriend are coming home this weekend and we are grilling, im making your slaw and beans and looks like bq sauce too cant wait!
enjoy your evening!
southernwitch said…
Great idea about the garbage cans, thank you! :)
Barb said…
Your garden is absolutely beautiful!! I love that Clematis!!
It's so beautiful there. I hope the veggies hold. All my herbs died and the season is hardly started. Would you come here and whip my yard into shape. years of neglect cause of bad health and all i have to look at are weeds.
SharleneT said…
Don't know if the mild winter had anything to do with it, but my waist-high container garden is outdoing itself, this year. The Roma tomato plants are so strong, they're not even staked! Haven't seen any bad bugs, yet, but I do have several toads who have taken residence in the gardens. I have just a few apples on my tree because they bloomed back in early March before the bees were out and then just a few blossoms last month. It's a world gone made.