Mini Pie Time

Though the temperatures are in the 90's much to my dismay, I still had to fire up the oven and make pie.  It is Memorial Day weekend and I always make pies for this holiday.  Plus, my daughter is home with her firefighter and he loves rhubarb.

Early yesterday I harvested some of my rhubarb.

I diced it up and mixed it with some strawberries, a bit of sugar and flour.

As always I made mini pies.  I just hate having a whole pie sitting around after it has been cut into.  I use a pate' sucre dough.  I like the crust to be sweet and the fruit to be a bit tart.

I made some blackberry ones too. I always add some lemon zest because it perks up the fruits flavor.

Ready to go into the ovens.  This is another example of why my one arm looks like Popeye's now.  These are very heavy!

I brush the tops with cream and sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar.  These bake for about an hour at 375 degrees.

Fresh from the oven and smelling very good.  I didn't eat these myself but feedback has been very good!


Barbara F. said…
I admire your willpower, Joyce, I would have eaten one of each as soon as I was sure they wouldn't burn my mouth. Have a great weekend, and I am sure some great grillin' with great sides will be happening at your house, :) xo
jody said…
yum! what a great idea! little pies! i have lots of rubarb ready to be harvested.. raining and i have my heat on here... and soup in the crock pot/bread rising on the radiators. my boys are camping in the rain...enjoy your day
Anonymous said…
I guess they are even tastier than they look :-)
I never even thought of making mini pies until I saw them here in Your blog :-) So much better for a one person household to be honest. Before I ate it all even if I only wanted a small :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
It's quite chilly, grey and the dreaded "s" word is in the forecast here.
I'll eat 10 of each, please.
Guillaume said…
In my family, we used to eat quite a lot of pies during summertime, actually. Especially near the end iof the summer: blueberry pies and raspberry pies especially. It sort of prepares me mentally to autumn.
Anonymous said…
you are such a good mama, making pies with one hand,such an interesting take on the crust.I have never thought of making the crust sweet and leaving the fruit a bit tart.I will have to try this, sounds wonderful.Sometimes I just get stuck in the same rut, making things the same, you push me to try new things, ( without knowing it).
Have a wonderful weekend,
Nellie said…
These pies look scrumptious, Joyce! Does your family know how lucky they are?:)
Barb said…
Yum! Those little pies look great!Perfect for a holiday week-end!
Debbie said…
Hi Joyce...It warms my heart to come here...always. For some reason it is very comforting to see that you are still cooking in large amounts (I can't seem to cook any other way) and gardening and showing wonderful photos of our beloved Teddy!! I just got done reading the Teddy story and I loved it!! What a very lucky dog to have you as her mom! Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I am with you...hate the heat...can't wait for fall!! Bring it on!
How did I miss this post yesterday! This is one of my favorites.
Mini pies. Perfect for PI Day. My hubby celebrates every year. Your recipe will help.