More Planting

 More one handed planting!  The hardest part of one handed planting is cleaning the nails on your good hand.  I can't put a glove on it either.

 The stone table is covered in plants ready to get their growing on.

 I love these Asiatic Lilies.

 This bed has a long way to go so this will be the 'before' shot.  Once it starts to grow I will post it's progress.

 This is the other side.

 One pot planted with herbs and marigolds.

 This planter has ferns, hostas, sweet potato vine and wave petunias.

 A shady place to rest.

 My Camellia plants are filling in.

Rhododendrons are blooming.

This is the side garden.

It leads down to the patio.

And back to the potting table.


You're obviously a dab hand at gardening! It all looks great!!
Jennifer said…
I am new to your blog via Edgar at "Blacksheep".
Your gardens are beautiful. It is amazing that you do this with an injured hand. I look forward to browsing around your posts for a little while. I see many topics in your 'labels' sidebar that look very interesting, especially your love of Halloween.
Barb said…
I love your garden . The hardscape is wonderful.
Nellie said…
An injured hand just doesn't set you back at all, does it?!? You are doing SO WELL! The garden will be beautiful when everything has settled in - a feast for the eyes!
Nothing slows you down, does it? You put the rest of us slobs to shame, LOL!
LindaG said…
Everything looks so good. I am hopeless.
Congratulations to you! :o)
Patty Woodland said…
I can't wait to see how it blooms
Asiatic Lilies and Rhododendrons are my favorites. LOOKS LOVELY, EVERYTHING. You are unbelievable doing all this with your hand.
Rue said…
Love all the planting you are doing! I always enjoy your tours - there is so much to see in your yard!

And I'm happy that Teddy gets to stalk the lower garden & ponds for the bad kitties too - lol!
Anonymous said…
Beautiful pictures !! I can image it's hard to plant with only one hand. You're doing a great job !!!
Have a magical day.
Ina in Alaska said…
so pretty and inviting! I love how you keep on keepin' on! You are a Rock Star! xo
SharleneT said…
Well, there goes my excuse for not getting more done. My hand hurts from crocheting... 'nuff said. You, on the other hand (do you have one?) are doing great wonders and I'm duly impressed. Love how you've turned each part of your yard into its own peaceful center.