Prepping the Pots

 Teddy likes to help me work in the garden.  Or should I say, Teddy really likes to watch me work in the garden.

 This is one of the reasons I like to make Papa's rhubarb sauce.

 The Blog Tech loves it on toast.

 Breakfast of champions served with Pepsi.

 I did make sure he drank a glass of milk too.

 Nothing like feeding the ones we love.

 I have been cleaning the pots and getting them ready to be planted.

I'll keep you posted on the progress.


Patty Woodland said…
I made a rhubarb cherry barbeque sauce for shrimp the other night. First time I did anything with rhubarb. It was quite tasty.
Sandy Sandy said…
Your garden already looks amazing. Glad to see your thumb is not much of a hinderance to you anymore.
Barb said…
I admire your bravery forging forward in the garden with one hand!
Anonymous said…
that is exactly how we eat ours, on toast, as long as I can remember there has been a jar on our breakfast table, then mine when we married, now we eat it maybe once a week, its good stuff!
I still marvel at you doing all this with one hand, good for you.You are woman driven, your garden always looks great to me, even with just cleaned waiting to be planted pots, wouldn't you just love to know what Teddy is thinking
I hope you have help moving and placing those pots. I think the blog tech is related to my nephew, who has Pepsi with every meal. Things are looking beautiful.
Chowz Creations said…
Teddy is doing an important job - guarding the pots so bad kitties don't do bad things IN the pots. =) While losing the trees was sad - you are now able to add such color!! Very pretty so far.
Amish Stories said…
Thats a lot of pots, maybe i should save some of mine instead of throwing some away!.......Id like to invite everyone to a post I've just published honoring the TV show "Big Valley", and also actor Peter Breck. Included with this post are 2 personal recipes that was sent to me by Peters wife Diane, so please stop by and say hello and share your memories of this classic TV show. Richard
Nom on, Blog Tech, nom on. But lose that rotgut Pepsi!
My lord woman. Is there no rest for the weary? SERIOUSLY, one hand and you're doing all that work. Of course I forgot TEDDY is helping. GRIN! GRIN! EVERYTHING will be beautiful, I'm sure. The toast and sauce look like just the thing for breakfast. Chuckled over the Pepsi, though. Sounds like my daughter except she would have dumped the milk down the sink. take care.
Ina in Alaska said…
You are a One Hand Wonder! My dogs are great helpers too, just like Teddy!

Hello to the Blog Tech. He looks very comfortable with the paparazzi at your house!
Hello. I found your blog via the Pagan Blogger's Network. I've given you a follow, basically because your dog is cute. ;-) x
Hello. I found your blog via the Pagan Blogger's Network. I've given you a follow, basically because your dog is cute. ;-) x
Nellie said…
What amazing progress you are making with only one hand! Looks like one of your "priorities" is happy with that rhubarb sauce.:) Yum!
Anonymous said…
I'm sure glad Teddy is a big help for you since you only have one good hand at the moment. I'm so impressed with all you do. I know I keep telling you, but it's really true. You are amazing. Wish I had one-tenth your energy.
Chris said…
I am so glad that the blog tech is well fed and happy :)I would hate missing out on any of the wonderful things that you do.
Looks like you are going to have some wonderful containers.
Anonymous said…
It looks like the blog tech is really enjoying his toast ; )
You have a lot of pots to plant. I can't wait to see the result.
Have a magical day.
SharleneT said…
Teddy needs to talk to my Angel. She thinks all the new seedlings are for her to graze! And, once the Blog Tech's tummy is full, he should be out there helping you move all that stuff around... (and, he knows it.) Looking better and better.