Ready For a Change

I am replacing my missing trees with flowers!  Until I lost the trees, I didn't realize how overgrown my garden was.  Now it is open to sunlight and my flowers can grow!

Teddy is excited too.  She loves it when I work in the yard with her.

I have made many trips to the garden center and filled the car up with lots of perennials and annuals.

I pulled out all the myrtle which surrounded the maple and laid down weed blocking fabric.  Then I added lots of potting soil.  I placed a planter on the tree stump for added height.

I am using blues, purples, yellows, reds and whites.  Teddy is heading out on patrol again.

This planter will coordinate with the rest of the plantings.

I've even decided it is time to remove the spiral evergreens.

There is a big dead spot on the front of the first one and they have outgrown the boxwood knot.  I am going to bring two large gorgeous planters up from the pool and plant them too.  I have a project!  I love projects.

I was giving up on my sad looking bay leaf tree but suddenly new growth has sprouted all over it.  I am so excited because I use these leaves on a regular bases.

I will keep you posted on the flower beds progress.  Does anyone know why my radishes are only forming above ground?  I think the early abundance of hot days made the green tops grow too fast.


Patty Woodland said…
I can't wait to see how it all comes out. I'm sure it will be a goat's paradise!
Anonymous said…
how are doing this with one hand, you are amazing! Be careful though, healing takes time, maybe you shouldteach Teddy to dig the beds for you!!That Bay tree is wonderful, I had one I grew indoors, (ourwinters are too cold), it grew so big I had to give it away when we moved here.Priceless they are!

you have lots of great garden projects going on, sound swonderful, its fun to change things up now and again, never boring!
jody said…
i think we need a tour!! my parents owned a garden store for 50 years, sold it 6 yrs ago, if ida been 20 years younger i maybe could have taken it over but soo much work! i do enjoy my back yard tho! enjoy your day and careful with that hand!
Yes, Jaz, do go mad, simply MAD, with colour! I look forward to seeing the results!
Ina in Alaska said…
Well, now I know how we get bay leaves! The bay leaf tree looks great and the leaves look super healthy!! I am enjoying the colors in your garden.

I am planning to put a few hostas in a shady area soon. I am hoping they spread out. Too soon to plant here. Not until May 31 at the earliest. Till then, you can find me dancing in the streets!
Candace said…
I love new garden projects, too! I can't wait to see the "new look" in your neighborhood! Your radishes may be planted too close together, or they may have too much Nitrogen. Another problem could be early bolting - we had that happen with ours last year. Unfortunately, I have no idea why that happens. The good news is they don't take long from seed to mouth, so I'd just plant another batch ;>)
Everything is looking sooo beautiful. Your own bay leaves, I'm so jealous. Everyone is saying the same thing about their radishes. I think you're right about the early warm weather. Be careful with that hand!
LindaG said…
Everything looks really good!
Good luck with your flowers, too. :o)
Guillaume said…
I never get tired of watching pics on your blog.
Barb said…
I love the new plans for your garden. It's going to be beautiful with all the flowers.
Nellie said…
Yes, you definitely have a project before you! I look forward to seeing the "finished product.":)
Tamara said…
It's going to look so beautiful with all the colors you've chosen. :) I just love your gardens so much. :)
You cook. You garden. All the while having one of your hands wrapped and splinted. I call this AMAZING. I'd be sitting with my frozen margarita, taking in the landscape and saying QUE SERA SERA. Could be why my yard looks like heck??? LOL Take care. EVERYTHING looks lovely and Teddy is one big furball of love.
SharleneT said…
I replaced two major pampas grass blocks with vegetable gardens and am so much happier! This is going to be fabulous and I can't wait to see it. My radishes grew above ground, this year, too. Don't know why. Could be the almost non-existent spring? They taste great so I'm not going to worry too much about it.