The Story of Teddy

The Story of Teddy
Ina in Alaska asked me to tell the story of Teddy.  I've shown a lot of these photos before but I don't think I ever told Teddy's story.

Seven years ago in February, I lost my first chow, Freddy, at the age of 10.  Some chows are prone to develop stomach cancer and she was one of them.  Though we had surgery and did everything possible, the cancer returned and we had to euthanize her.  It about killed me too.

I was obsessed with finding her incarnation.  I was sure she would find her way back to me.

I searched everywhere trying to find the baby chow I was sure she would return as.

Finally I found a breeder who had cream chows that were ready for adoption on May 21st, my husband's birthday.  I took this as a sign!

We had to drive to Michigan to pick her up.  The litter consisted of 2 males and 1 female, Teddy.

When the breeder brought the 3 of them out for us to see, I instantly fell in love with Teddy.  She was playing with her brothers and clearly pushing them around.  A tough little chow chow indeed.

We brought her home and fell more in love by the day.  And guess what?  She was nothing like Freddy at all.  So, instead of Freddy finding her way back to me, she led me to my new baby.

Teddy sure loves her boy and girl.

She loves to go on trips with us too.

She gives me more joy than I ever thought possible.

And just when you thought she couldn't get cuter, here she is as a puppy the day we brought her home.

Her ears were floppy for the first few weeks.

She is the pip of all pups.

She is a character like no other.

And still as cute as a button.

She likes to roll. Somehow I turned this photo upside down.

She loves Fall.

Just like her mama.

She let me put socks on her when her legs were shaved for her operation.  Click on the video for a short view of Teddy in her garden.


What a wonderful story. I think everyone loves Teddy. I know I do. I sure hope she starts feeling better. There is nothing like the love of a pup.
Robin Larkspur said…
Sweet story of our favorite chow! She is the Queen Supreme. Your plantings are awesome!!
Barbara F. said…
I have to say that Teddy is my fave puppy in Blogland. (there I said it!). A cute little ball of fluff. And belated Happy Birthday to your husband. xo
jody said…
oh my goodness teddy is just beautiful and such a perfect babe! our fluffy ones sure are important to us arent they! enjoy your day!
Patty Woodland said…
She is a fluffy puppy.
No blue tongue photo?
heh heh
SharleneT said…
The Gods were definitely looking for the perfect companion for each of you! She found a wonderful world to reign over with loyal subjects and you found a bundle of love. Many happy years together!
Toriz said…
What a sweet story!
Joyce, I competely understand your love for Teddy. I had a pure white little Pom that died..and I did the same thing. White Pom's are hard to find I rather gave up..Christmas brought Mele to me in a Christmas shopping bag..and she seemed to know me and I her. She has been my shadow ever since. I know I tend to hover over Mele and any little cough sends me into a panic. She sleeps in bed at the foot..usually against my back. I just recently realized that she was nearly 8 and it sort of stunned me. She is my a child to me.
I know Teddy is like that to you. They can do no wrong really.

Teddy was an adorable puppy...
Yep..I know how you feel!
Oh Teddy! Bossy from Day One!
Suzanne said…
She is soooooo fluffy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Same story with my Bella.....she healed my heart when my sweet Daisy died. (both Boxers)
Cynthia Myers said…
this just might be my most fav post yet! :)
she is one cool dog.
Anonymous said…
oh my gosh what a sweet heart, my oh my, a little fluff ball.
what beautiful post.

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I LOVED the story of TEDDY. She was born to find you and you her. Freddy is smiling, watching over you both. I LOVED the sounds in your garden, the water especially.
Barb said…
Thank you! Teddy's story was delightful. She is lovely now and was an adorable puppy!!!!
Zedral Z said…
She is a beautiful, wonderful dog! I think Freddy led you to her, too.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the story of Teddy. I've always felt she was so special. I loved all the pictures of her. Have a great day!
Mystica said…
Thank you for a wonderful story.