Fairy Cottages

 This is what I did with my fairy cottages.  I made paths so the fairies won't get their feet wet from the morning dew.  I painted them with fluorescent paint so they glow in the dark

 Teddy is keeping a watchful eye on my every move.

 The path from this cottage leads to the giant mushrooms where the fairies like to play.  The shade from the mushroom's caps shade them from the hot summer sun. Hmm...wonder if I can fit under one of those?

 Is Teddy guarding the fairy cottages or looking for a snack. Fairy chips...tiny little delightful morsels.



Jan said…
I simply love your fairy cottage, the stone path and the beautiful giant mushrooms...so magickal~~~


You have a very beautiful home and yard :)
Patty Woodland said…
Just make sure Teddy doesn't eat all the Fairies!
I'm sure the fairies will reward your thoughtfulness!
LOVE the fairy house. ESPECIALLY the glow in the dark stepping stones. TEDDY wouldn't indulge in such a magical treat, would Teddy? LOL Take care. The pool looks inviting on this very hot day.
Candace said…
My goodness, I do believe either the fairies or that big green thumb are working their magic on your tomatoes!
Guillaume said…
Lovely fairy cottage.
Lisa said…
I am sure Teddy can keep the fairies safe from those darn gnomes! I am a fellow fairy gardener - my husband makes their houses out of hypertufa.
Let us all hope she guards the fairies :-) :-) :-)

Those stones must glow mysteriously when it gets dark! I like that idea a lot!

Have a great day!
Cottage Tails said…
Love it - I've pinned it and if ok will steal the idea.
Love Leanne XX
The fairy house is delightful! I am sure Teddy is just guarding the house for them.
Texan said…
Love the fairy houses!!! How wonderful they are!
Nellie said…
Your tomatoes look fantastic! Way ahead of ours, though ours are blooming, and some have little green ones appearing.
That fairy cottage is just adorable. I can just picture the fairies coming and going, with treasures and little findings....
Look at those beautiful tomatoes. Mine are not near that big. I have never seen anything cuter than your fairy house with the painted steps. I love it!
Barb said…
I Love that fairy house. I'm thinking of going to a workshop where you make one of clay, they fire it for you, than you go back and pick it up. It's in Port Townsend so It's a bit far to go at night. I hope they do a day workshop.
jody said…
its a good thing that you have teddy there to help you and guard those fairys! enjoy your day!
Toriz said…
How nice of you to think of the fairies like that! :)
Rue said…
So sweet! And thoughtful - I'm sure the fairies appreciate all your hard work for them.

Wow - you did get some warm weather - those tomatoes are growing like crazy! Mine haven't even bloomed yet.
ONe PiNK FiSH said…
Lovin' the fairy cottage. Iw ant one for my gardena s well.