Garden Maintenance

 Garden maintenance is a daily chore around here.  Everywhere I look there is something that needs to be taken care of.  Trimming ivy back is an ongoing task.  I love ivy but it sure grows out of control in my gardens.  Click for a closer look.

 Towards the end of each spring the ivy has covered all of my stone walls.

 I literally have to pry it off with a paint scraper.  It always looks so much neater when it is stripped away.

 Teddy in one of her favorite spots.

 Okay...I know...the container garden is out of control.  I can't help myself, I just keep planting.

 It is winding it's way down the driveway now.

 Okra!  I haven't had okra in several years so I am very excited for this to grow.

 My first red tomato.  I picked it this morning.

 And where to plant this Tansy?  It was given to me for free at the garden center last weekend. I love Tansy but it sure tends to take over the area it is planted in.  I need to be very careful where I plant it.

 My Hydrangeas are blooming.

 They are all the same type and are in the same area but they are different colors.

 Blue ones and a pink one on the same plant. The color is determined by the PH of the soil. This is the area where I removed the spiral evergreens so I am guessing they created different Ph's in this area.

The blooms are the size of soccer balls.


Anonymous said…
everything looks amazing,
well you have lots of containers but they always say, "go big or go home", I think they look great!
Healthy too!
Anonymous said…
I wish I could have ivy here climbing up the apple trees, but they freeze to death during our winters. Tansy however survives a bit too good :-) :-) :-) I love the smell they give so I let them live at a small space but dig them up everywhere else.

I have more pots this year than I've had in years and still nothing like You have :-) :-) :-) But I tend to forget to water them, no problem at the moment since it rains almost every day.

Okra is for the greenhouse up here. I grew it when I had my garden center but I have to say that it must be the plant most susceptible to all possible pests :-) :-) If I managed to get rid of one pest two new arrived :-) :-) :-)

I think that I only can have to different hydrangeas in my garden, the oak leafed and Panicle hydrangea, but my soil is mostly sand so if I forget to water them they'll die quickly :-)

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
ARe you sure your containers are procreating when you are not looking?
Barb said…
I know exactly what you mean about garden work! I love your hydrangeas!! Mine are still tight buds. Unless we start getting more warm sun we are going to have to wait for them to bloom!!
Nellie said…
The beauty of your garden is due to your dedication to making it the best it can be! The hydrangeas are huge!
Barbara F. said…
Beautiful as always, love those huge hydrangeas.

Everything I have planted in the backyard is dying, I saw the most disgusting looking bugs all over my herbs, yellow and black striped and long (more than an inch) and I ran right back in the house. Ugh. xo
A ripe tomato already! I need to move north. How did I miss your Strawberry Coffee Cake yesterday. It looks wonderful.
Cynthia Myers said…
to Hell with the Ivy! I'd ignore it and be swimming in that pool!
Guillaume said…
Beautiful garden. And how I crave to dip in a swimming pool! And more so: the right temperature for it.
We can't grow hydrangeas here of course (much too cold) but I have seen them in Vancouver and Victoria. I am always amazed at how large the flowers are! I didn't know that the soil pH determines their colour -- interesting!
I certainly can relate to garden maintenance! We have several on our property and oh boy, it sure does take alot of time, but my soul just sings when I am outside, amongst my plants. I am glad you know that tansy can be invasive, I had some but had to pull it all out, it took over and then some! I enjoy your pictures ever so much!
...and I think my yard is a lot of work! :)
Joyce, thank you! For being there. Things are ok..just one day at a time. Our entire family is on hold right now. I just try and keep busy.
I had to smile at the plants lining the walk..I do the same thing..and often buy more than I can plant..and so they sit for a bit. I still have some that need planting...and it's been nearly a month!
petoskystone said…
Your container garden looks wonderful! Mine appears to dead in the water. I can't plant in-ground as soninlaws' dog bounces & breaks. So I was all set to use some bins I have sitting around, but now that the washing machine has broken there is no money for soil or seedlings (seed starting was a disaster this year).
Toriz said…
I bet that garden of yours smells beautiful with all those different flowers and things!
Ina in Alaska said…
So pretty and I am sure Teddy has found the coolest stone upon which to rest. Sweet girl.