Here Comes Fall

 The absolute first sign of Fall in my gardens is my Oakleaf Hydrangeas turning from white to pink.  How did they know to change on the first day of summer?

 They turn from white to pink and then to brown by the end of August.

 The planters are all filling in even though I have to water them at least twice a day in this heat.

 The other hydrangeas are growing out of control.  I have never seen them bloom this much or this big.

 They are the size of Teddy's head and that is BIG!

 The mums continue to bloom.

 Even after the slug attack, the flowers are thriving.

 It's too hot to sit outside.  Teddy and I make strategic hits outdoors.  We fly out there and get what we need to get done and then run back into the fans and A/C.

 Why are my tomatoes refusing to turn red.  I have tons of huge tomatoes but they all remain green.

 Grow plants grow.

 Teddy smiles as she waits for me to finish watering.

 The colored buckets hold my compost tea.  And yes, I have a Jack O Lantern sitting by my sink.  I was sorting through boxes and came across this and figured....what the hell?  It my garden I can do what I want!


Absolutely LOVE the jack o'lantern. And I concur, roll on Fall!! Beautiful gardens!
Patty Woodland said…
Send the heat my way please....
Anonymous said…
I would like to have some summer before autumn comes though :-)

Beautiful planters and mums already1 Up here they are sold as late autumn flowers. To bad they don't survive winter here, I do like them a lot.

I don't know why but some tomatoes takes forever to become red, but You are sure You haven't bought white tomatoes? They take even longer sometimes and goes from green to a sick bone white color :-)

Have a great day!
Robin Larkspur said…
Argh, the heat is horrible! I can't believe your gigantic hydrangeas!
Nellie said…
Do you suppose we will have an "early Fall?" Since we skipped spring and went straight into summer, one would imagine summer would be glad to welcome fall earlier than usual.
Such a refreshing, cool spot!
Ina in Alaska said…
Nice and cool here. Well not really, but it is much cooler than where you are. Refreshing. Brisk mountain air cooled by snowy mountain tops.

Our temps are at most 67 degrees. Which is very pleasant.

Love Teddy's purple Chow tongue.

Stay cool!!!
Anonymous said…
I wouldn't expect anything less than a Jack o" lantern on your potting bench, ha ha,
I think tomatoes know that we are a head o f ourselves this year, I suppose they will ripen in their own time, your plants are doing wonderful, Teddy looks well, I want to thank-you for your kind words on my blog today, I wasn't going to say anything about his illness but you know I'm so glad I did, support from friends helps to make this a bit easier, I thankyou for that,
Candace said…
I dreamed last night that Teddy came running to me and was very friendly! Wonder what that means ;>) It's good to know your Oak Leaf Hydrangeas turn color. Mine are supposed to be red but have opened up white this first year!
Sandy Sandy said…
I LOVE your HYDRANGEAS! Gorgeous, C'est magnifique ! I am painting some now and wish I was your neighbor, 'cause I would love to paint in your garden! Very beautiful, great job!
Guillaume said…
I noticed some leaves changing colours already. But I think it is caused by the sudden changes of temperature we have been having since April. Lovely picture, as usual.
Barb said…
I agree, it's your garden-the Jack-o-Lantern looks great! Looking at your garden in bloom makes me think there is at least one good thing about the heat. My hydrangeas are still small or just buds!
Your planters are gorgeous. Such beautiful colours!
MUM's the word. Autumn is on the way. It can't come soon enough. SERIUOSLY tired of 90 plus degrees everyday. Your plants are GORGEOUS. And Teddy's head is not really that big, is it??? LOL Take care.
Amish Stories said…
Hi folks and we here in Pennsylvania are having some early hot weather the last few days, but they should break this weekend. Richard
Rue said…
Pumpkin in the garden is perfect - carved or not!

The yard & gardens look amazing! Enjoy (even in the heat) while you can!