Lake Erie Perch Sandwiches

 When I was a little kid and we had to eat fish on Fridays, my mother would often make perch.  I've loved it ever since. And Lake Erie perch is my favorite.  When it is in season, it is time for perch sandwiches.

 Before dipping it in batter, I season it with sea salt and pepper.

 I make a light batter of seasoned flour, an egg and some milk.  It should be just thick enough to lightly coat the fish so you don't dilute the fish's flavor.  Fry it in a few tablespoons of canola or vegetable oil.  Again, you don't want a heavy oil that would interfere with the flavor of the fish.  Cook until golden and crunchy.

 Drain it on paper towels. Depending on how thick the fish is, finish it off in a 350 degree oven for 15 minutes.

 Serve it with ketchup, hot sauce or tartar sauce.  Or go for it and use all three.

It makes a particularly good sandwich on homemade bread.  I tossed this salad with Bev's salad dressing from the other day.

This is some seriously good salad dressing.


Patty Woodland said…
I have a friend that gives me some lake perch now and then. Smaller fillets than you have there but quite tasty.
Anonymous said…
sometimes simple is just the best and I think with our lake fish this is the best way to cook them, beautiful salad!
Guillaume said…
I am always for the lookout for new fish recipes. A fish sandwich is a great idea. Thank you!
Just perfect for this hot, hot, day. Try the Comeback Sauce on the sandwich. Yum
Lois said…
I used to live very close to Lake Erie, and we would go to the Erie Beach Hotel for fried perch... Nothing better!
Farm Friendly said…
This sounds quite simple and tastefull!
Anonymous said…
Perch, my favorite fish :-) I love to grill it and then put it on a sandwich :-)

Have a great day!
blissfulsally said…
I try never to read your blog when I'm hungry just in case you have any fabulous food pictures posted! Everyone who enjoys your cooking must consider themselves blessed.
Plus you have an amazing garden and one unusual and very handsome Chow.

It's a great blog--thank you!
Amish Stories said…
Greetings Oct and nice idea with the bread, I eat almost everything between slices of bread,lol. Richard
Nellie said…
How tasty this would be! I sometimes yearn for something that is fried this way. That's a pleasure we haven't enjoyed for several years.
Barb said…
That looks like a wonderful supper!
I'm not a big fish eater but I'd eat that!
Ina in Alaska said…
I made Beverly's salad dressing for our lunch salad today- it was very tasty & covered a lot of greens with great flavor!
I did not have cider vinegar so used distilled white vinegar- still good!!

The perch looks delish- I would have it without the bread!
Haven't had perch in a while. Sounds good.