The Lower Gardens

 Teddy loves visiting the lower gardens each day. She checks out every square inch of them

 Moss growing on the stepping stone used to cross the creek.  I love moss and want it everywhere and sure enough it has planted itself and grows almost everywhere I want it to.

 On the list of projects.  Persian Ivy is taking over the back of the stone house.

 This is an apple tree arbor in need of a very good trim.

 A bench that needs to be reset.

 My fig trees have figs already.

 Though I was not going to plant a garden down here this year, it is slowly filling in.  I should stop visiting nurseries. I keep finding things I can't live without. This is a row of peppers.

 And a row of leeks planted in front of the chives.


 Something ate all of my zucchini plants.


 The garlic will be harvested soon.

 An espaliered apple. I have two of them against this fence and this year they have apples for the first time.

 The grape vines are loaded this year.

And I just came back from a nursery this morning so there are about to be many more things planted this afternoon.


Anonymous said…
uh oh!! Well if this addiction becomes uncontrollable your family have to post your photo at all garden centers, "Don't serve this woman", ha ha, just kidding, go for it!! I'm lovin every minute of it.
I sacrificed my garden when my husbands heath forces us into a condo so here I am watching you gardening like a mad woman and I love every photo, thanks so much for sharing.
Nursery plants are like crack cocaine to you, aren't they?
You are out of control woman! Enjoy every minute of it. I'm enjoying this peanut butter cookie.
Patty Woodland said…
What was that about stopping the nursery visits?
Robin Larkspur said…
Step away from the nursery now!! Joyce, we are all your friends here and perhaps we should hold an intervention!!!
btw, voles ate all our zucchini and summer squash for the last two years. They start with the roots.
Oh boy! I do love your garden pictures! Sad about the zucchini though, I know your pain! I wish I could grow moss, I don't think our growing climate would work, but you never know! It looks like you have so many acres!! I have garden envy! :)
Guillaume said…
You make me want to grow my own garden.
Barb said…
You are going to have such a wonderful harvest from those gardens!!
Anonymous said…
It is dangerous to visit nurseries :-) :-) I had espalier apples when I had my nursery and those apples were always ripe long before the others. I have no good place to have it here at home though, but I have trimmed one apple tree in to a fan shape instead :-)

I really like Your garden and I agree, one can never have to much moss in the garden :-)

Have a great day!
Ina in Alaska said…
You hopefully will get in that pool sometime or put up your feet & listen to the Wurlitzer. I am exhausted from reading this! But all that work is yielding wonderful food! You must save a lot at the grocery store!!
I grew up picking grapes from the vine to snack on when I played. LOVE yours and all your lovely gardens. Teddy LOOKS like she needs a HUG. One is being sent from me to her. SAY hi.
What a cutie!! I love seeing your garden, a slice of heaven - lots of ideas to inspire!
petoskystone said…
Your garden is looking well :) Only the zucchini...what an odd choice. It doesn't look like I will have anything of a garden this summer.