Pulling Up Roots

Remember when I pointed out how crooked the pavers were on my fountain patio from the tree roots?

The hubby spent two days lifting up all the bluestone pavers, cutting out the roots and relaying the stone.

Paver sand had to be placed under all of the stones and joint sand in between.

But finally the project was completed and the patio is healed!

It will be so nice to walk back there and not worry about tripping.

This is another area that was raised about 4 inches.  Way to go hubby.

Teddy gives me the...'.you are pointing the damn camera at me again?' look.

Sheese mama!

Leave me alone I am napping.


Patty Woodland said…
He did a wonderful job!
ONe PiNK FiSH said…
Looks great. Wish my backyard had the same spunk as yours. Mine is a bit boring.

Robin Larkspur said…
Fabulous job, must have been really hard work. Hugs to your hubby for super job.
Anonymous said…
what a great6 job, you patio area and pool area looks a hundred years old, in a good way, its just so green and lush, like a long ago court yard to some medieval estate.I mean this in a positive way, it is beautiful.
Your husband had a big job to do and he made such a good finish of it.
I think you interpret Teddy's looks so well,
Great job hubby! I think he deserves a special treat. Maybe Peanut Butter Cookies!
Anonymous said…
I know I already visited here but I came back to write a recipe down and I had to tell you, when I saw the title of this post I thought maybe you had bought one of those old houses you have showed us!! Thought you were moving!!!!!
Nellie said…
Great work on the patio!
Barbara F. said…
Nice going Mr. Octoberfarm! That is hard work. Looks great. xo
Barb said…
Hubby did a wonderful job!!
He did a beautiful job! A ton of work too.
What a great job he did. We recently had to have that done by the cyprus tree that line our driveway. HUGE job! The roots were massive! One nearly 6 inches thick. I was NOT expecting to see that. I think in time they would have damaged our foundation.
I see a building, dimly, at the back of your property. Is that another home? If so, you have made some wonderful privacy screening with all the growth! Wonderful. I am looking forward to the day when we can't see that ugly rooftop behind us. We've planted five trees...now if they would only grow fast! :)
I know how Teddy feels. I did it out in the lawn swing this afternoon and those were my sentiments exactly!
Just finished covering once again! :)
YOU have a tiny Fairy house. I have more miniture plants coming soon. Also found a sweet (finally) Fairy door and windows and Hearth and Plow that I love. I hope they are as cute in person as they are in the ad. Better be!
I hope your hand is coming along good.
Ina in Alaska said…
Hard and back breaking work. Great result and happy Mrs. Octoberfarm and Teddy!!

Looks great! There is never nothing to do, is there!
jody said…
looks like you guys have been getting lots done! the patio looks great! and i think passes teddys inspection! altho i think he thinks you guys are worken to hard! enjoy your day!!