Teddy and Her Treats

Hey Teddy, do you want a treat?  I think these are Teddy's most favorite words.

Teddy liked this treat so much that she laid with both back legs stretched out.  That is a sign she is very relaxed.

She also takes her treats to her special cool spot in the yard.

Can't I just eat my treat in peace, mama?

Nom nom nom!

This was an extra special treat.  She chose to chew on it rather than bury it.


Anonymous said…
happy girl, looks like a good marrow filled bone, (I think,)
Beautiful girl! She looks so happy and content.
I'm glad Teddy is having such a good summer, especially after all her eye troubles last year.
Anonymous said…
Cute Teddy is so happy :-)

My dogs spreads all over the place when they get treats, there's always the risk one of the others might try to steal it from them :-) :-)

Have a great day!
You are funny, Joyce! Good old Teddy is all I can say!
THANK GOODNESS. I thought that poor dog hid all her treats and never got to enjoy chewing on them. LOL She looks blissfully happy.
She looks like she is certainly enjoying herself! Our black lab used to bury perogies. Only that, nothing else. What an odd thing to do we thought!
Barb said…
Teddy has lots of personality!
Ina in Alaska said…
I love the chow pose with the legs out in the back. Teddy looks like she is treasuring her treat. What a sweet girl, she is so helpful and good company!

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