Baby Teddy

I am still busy with my cleaning project so I thought I would show you some photos I found in a drawer while cleaning.  Baby Teddy!  She is about 7 weeks old here.

She chewed on everything.  Once her baby teeth fell out she never chewed on anything again. Except for the occasional dog or person.

She sure loved sticks back then.

And she knew how to stalk.

She disapproved of grooming early on.

And even as a baby knew how to show other dogs who was the boss.  Talk about going belly up!

She had devil eyes.

And loved going to the park with mama.

She has always loved sticking her head in the wood pile.  She still checks it every day.

Her ears didn't stand up until she was several months old.

And she loved being carried everywhere by her mama.  It's been a while since I've carried her.

She would run like a demon so much so that the photos are all blurred.

Then she would collapse in a deep sleep for 20 minutes to recharge her batteries.

Then right back to chewing and running and looking.

Can you find the butt in this picture?  She still likes to bury her bones under the hedges in this exact spot. Click on any photos to enlarge.

She got the "I want a treat, please" look down early on.

She used to get fresh bones.  Isn't this scary?  No fresh bones no more...haha!  The site of Teddy with bloody bones in her mouth is a little too unnerving!  It looks like a finger.

More devil eyes.  You would not want to try to take the toy of the moment away from her.  She would turn into a Tasmanian Devil and go all out chow chow puppy on you,

She loved The Blog Tech instantly.

We drove to Michigan and stayed here the night before we picked her up.   Rural Michigan.

And there she was.

What would have happened if we picked the one on the right?


Anonymous said…
She was soo cute! She still is but in an older way :-)

I do hope Sune follows her example and stops chewing on things when the baby teeth are gone :-) :-)

It is dangerous to see photographs of such cute puppies, thankfully I'm immune at the moment :-)

Have a great day!
greekwitch said…
Oh my Goddess! She looks so cute that photoshop comes in mind. She looks like a stuffed animal toy.
You would have never picked the one on the right. She was definitely the boss!
Jan said…
What a darling little ball of fur. She still cute~~~
Anonymous said…
oh my gosh what a sweet heart, so chubby, so fluffy, what a personality, wow, she has grown!!!!!If you had chosen the one on the right you would have gone back to get Teddy, she was meant to be with you, that I'm sure
what we don't do for our dogs, you traveled quite a distance to get her as well, some people thought my son nuts for traveling so far and paying to have Edward shipped to him but its just what we do.He clicked with the pup and would have gonew to ends of the earth to get him.The reason he had to fly to Toronto is, The dog came from Alberta , John is here in Sault Ste. Marie visiitng and they don't have direct flights to the Sault from Alberta, there would have been a three hour lay over in Toronto, not good for the pup in our opinion, so thats why he flew to Toronto, after he flies home to the Sault today with the pup he has to drive 8 hours up North to Pickle Lake Ontario tomorrow or tuesday, so many asked why he had to travel so far, long comment sorry, I think if I could have another dog I would look into chows, they do seem a bit complicated but I have all the time in the world.I have never been without a dog until the last 7 years, I miss them so much,
How adorable! If only they could stay puppies forever!
Toriz said…
Teddy sounds like she was quite a little handful!

You just reminded me of when Kero was a puppy! I travelled a fair distance to pick him up too... And he was worth it!
Guillaume said…
Happiness is a warm puppy.
SharleneT said…
It would not have been the same. Teddy picked you, just as Angel picked me! It's such fun to see old photos of our pups, is it not? But, I can't look long because it makes me want another one! I'll be strong, for now.
awww so cute and fluffy!
Anna said…
Hello, OMG how adorable! Hugs to you, Anna
What an adorable pup! So cute and furry! She's still cute and furry!!
Patty Woodland said…
What a precious little fluff ball.
PansWife said…
At first I thought she was an adorable little stuffed toy. She hardly looks real.
This is the first time I have seen an image you. How do you eat all this incredible food and still stay so lean. Just looking at your photos of pasta seem to make me gain weight, but I love your blog anyway and all recipes I've tried have been excellent.
Barb said…
Those are the cutest pictures!!!!
HappyCrone said…
OMGoddess this gives me puppy envy in the worst way!!
Amanda said…
awww, teddy is as cute then as is he is now :) fluffy and loveable!! hugs to teddy!!
OMG Teddy the pup is just too cute for words. What a journey you've had together.
luckybunny said…
Too freaking adorable! I am so glad you shared these because I feel like I got my puppy fix! Great pictures.
Adorable photos, makes me want a new fur baby!