The Heat is Back

Teddy and I are not happy.  It never cooled down much at all.  Instead of being in the 100's, we've been in the 90's.  Now we are back to the upper 90's with humidity from hell.

Does anyone know how to repair faux bois?  See the cracks on the side of the chair?  Big pieces of cement fell off.

We got the millstone running.  It was broken but we fixed it...fingers crossed!

Not much is growing in this heat but my celery is doing great.

I feel like sitting in the pond.

The beauty berries are turning purple so Fall can't be too far away.  Let's just hope it will be a cool one!


jody said…
teddy is soo dang cute! good company on these hot humid days...enjoy!
Teddy needs an ice cold towel around her neck. So do you! The heat is awful here too. The gardens are doing okay but they seem slow this year.
Anonymous said…
I've never saw beauty berries before, they look like something out of a fairy tale,
Patty Woodland said…
Sorry I know nothing about faux bois. It's been hot here too now and we have been having some wicked thunderstorms and the hubby is now worried about lightening strikes and fire.
Anonymous said…
I can't even imagine how hot that is! We rarely reach the 90's even in hot summers up here. A week or two maybe every fifth year. I never understood why You Americans are so fond of air conditioning but now I do!

I really have no idea how to fix that problem, but my guess is that You'll have to scrape away any loose concrete, spray water on it and then before it dries up fill with new concrete.Wrap some plastic over it so it doesn't dry too fast.

I do hope You'll get some cooler weather soon but I think You won't until those turbo winds up in the sky changes and gives us some heat instead.

How's Your thumb by the way?

Take it easy in the heat!
We too are baking in the heat and humidity. We had a reprieve yesterday and today and a bit of rain, but the humidity is still high and this is just no fun. If I knew which direction you lived, I would send cooling winds and rain your way! Keep cool!
Guillaume said…
I wouldn't mind some hot, summery temperatures here. Instead it is cold as if we were in September. I love September's temperatures, but in season when I can appreciate them and I dread that if we have such cool summer, autumn will be tropical.
capecodgirl565 said…
I know what you mean. I am not a hot weather gal, and here in central Illinois it has been miserable as of late, and we started with some 90 degree days in March! We were in the 102-108 temps two weeks ago and everyone was celebrating the fact that we were dropping into the mid 90's! Unfortunately, while they said mid 90's, it was actually 100, so there you go. Misery plus!!!
Amish Stories said…
Poor Ted and I wish I could give him some of the cooler weather we now are receiving compared to a week ago. Richard
Barb said…
How I love your millstone fountain. I wish I had bought a millstone before we left the mid-west. They are very expensive out here if you can even find one! So sorry for you and Teddy about the heat. Only 106 days to Halloween!!
Shannon said…
Your pup is the cutest!

It's hot here too. Every summer on the east coast is like this - when I step outside it's like being slapped in the face with a hot, wet towel. My glasses actually steam up.
Jan said…
Poor sweet Teddy :( She's adorable. Just like a teddy bear. But I know that she is hating this heat as much as we are! We have been spraying our Alaskan Malamute, Echo, at least a few times a day. He also has thick hair...three layers of it!!!

I can't wait for my favorite season...AUTUMN!!!
Nellie said…
One thing we certainly need, and that's a cool Fall! It can't come too soon for us!
it was pretty hot here today too :/ nice change from the rain, but makes me want a pool :p
Candace said…
I feel for both you and Teddy! We have the same temps but very low humidity - the kind that makes your skin crack - ugh. As for the faux bois chairs - we used Quickrete on our faux bois birdbath last year. It worked great to fill in the holes and took no time at all. The hardest part is lugging the bag back from the hardware store! I love it because it even survived this winter with no more crack!
POOR Teddy. All that hair. The heat is bad enough, but you're right the humidity is the pits, just making things more unbearable. LOVE the milstone. Hope it continues to work. Fingers crossed for you. Go ahead jump in the pond. I won't tell anyone. Keep cool, however you can.
Amanda said…
aww poor teddy!! he's ready for some cool weather, and i can't wait to see pics from your beautiful garden in the fall (and your wonderful recipes too!!)

Cheers :)
G'morning! Our temps dropped to the low 80's yesterday. Not exactly sure what the cause but who cares! I hate the heat.
Did I read that right? Your chairs are made of concrete? They look like bent wood to me. If that is the case and they are concrete, I think they would be easy to patch..but..probably not. Nothing is ever as easy as I think it should be! :)
Your yard is looking GREAT!!
Toriz said…
Hope the weather cools down for you soon!