It's Still Hot Outside

We were supposed to get cooler and though the temps are down a bit, the humidity is way up and it is miserable outside.  This planter should be cascading by now and it has not grown much at all.  I water twice a day for over an hour each time and things are still dying.  We have not had more than a sprinkle in months.

I dragged out my old froggy fountain and am going to clean it up and get it running.  Any sound of running water is appreciated around here.

I now have a fan blowing on Teddy but she still is not happy.  Hot air is hot air.

About the only good thing with this heat is that it dries my clothes really fast.

My vegetables are struggling in their pots in this heat.

I am getting some tomatoes though.

The first of my big eggplants is still very small.

I have gotten several of the long narrow Ichiban ones.

This is as big as my peppers are so far.

I only get a few cherry tomatoes each day.

These are my pour little okra plants.  Shouldn't they be 6 feet tall by now?

These are peppers growing with lemongrass.

Most of my mums have bloomed.  Will they bloom again in the Fall?

The Oakleaf Hydranges are almost brown at least a month ahead of time.

This planter is the only thing that is doing well and I am sure it is because it is in shade for a lot of the day though it is filled with sun lovers.  That puppy back there is wilting in the heat too.

Teddy is in this position for about an hour each morning and then sleeps inside for the rest of the day.  She is basically hibernating!


Jan said…
Beautiful photos as always!!! But poor Teddy sure needs some cooler weather and we all need some rain!!! I'd do my rain dance, but it's to hot!!! :)

We have 130 lbs of Alaskan Malamute named Echo, and he is ready to runaway to Alaska!!! I think I'll go with him :)

Teddy is so adorable, and I love everything about your blog!!! Have a beautiful day...

Patty Woodland said…
Our temps have finally hit the 100s like the rest of the nation. The goats aren't happy but I am in my glory. I must be a lizard or something
Marjorie said…
So sad! The only good thing about summer is gardening, and if the garden flounders...mine is doing OK but my pumpkins fizzled out. No home-grown pumpkins this fall!
Robin Larkspur said…
I am too hot to comment.
Nellie said…
We have finally had a relief from the record-setting three digit temperatures, along with some good slow, steady rain for the past couple of days. Growing things are already looking better.
Hibernation is good when it is so hot! I'd be with Teddy!:)
Anonymous said…
At least You're getting tomatoes and peppers :-) Well I think I might get four tomatoes and I can always put the pepper plants beside the windows in autumn :-)

It's either to hot and dry or cold and wet it seems. I feel so sorry for poor Teddy! I can imagine how warm it must be with that fur!

That first pot do look good though!
I guess that if You cut down the mums they might flower again later in the autumn, usually works here with those we have in pots.

Have a great day!
Guillaume said…
Here the rain is pouring, pouring, pouring.
Anonymous said…
lets all think cool thoughts and maybe the weather gods will send some relief,
poor Teddy, poor you,,,,we are warm but nothing like that, I feel bad for you,
Ina in Alaska said…
My comment will provide you with little to no relief BUT up here in Anchorage Alaska the weather is very chilly and damp. Probably the chilliest summer I can remember. I feel like we are having back-to-back wintertime. I wear a polar fleece vest most days and have even had to put sweaters on my little poodles. Poor Teddy must be sweltering.
It has not been as hot here today and the rain is on its way and heading your way. Don't give up!
SharleneT said…
We've finally gotten a break from the heat and it's been in the 80s for the past two days. But, my tomatoes will not quit! Squash, too. I didn't realize that by cutting off the really large dying leaves that it would totally renew the the plant and it would start producing, again. I'm pooped. Poor little Teddy. At least, there's a fan. It will soon be fall... Hang in there.
Barbara F. said…
Poor Teddy, she has the nice fur coat to contend with. Because you are so diligent with watering things in your garden are hanging in. I lost a lot of plants. I am ready for fall and all the wonderful things that come with it. xo
Poor Teddy in her big fur coat!
Barb said…
Poor Teddy!! I sure hope you get some relief soon. We don't have tomatoes, it is too cool for too long. (That is at least one advantage to warm weather)
ps. The house is $680,000. I thought it would be more.
annie said…
poor teddy, such a lovely garden, but soon the rain will come!
Anonymous said…
I know how much you and Teddy prefer winter, and I think I am actually dreaming of winter and cold temperatures this summer too. I am so tired of the drought.
Megs said…
Poor Teddy.
My garden is the same as yours- you know, the only loving this westher is the big tomatoes.
Anonymous said…
Hi, poor, poor Teddy. It seems you have sll the heat and drought over there and here in northern Europe we have all the rain and cold. It hasn't been Summer here at all. I wish I could send you cooler weather and rain.
Hang in there !!