A Really Cool Cutting Board

Check out my new cutting board!  Click on the photo to enlarge it.

I ordered this on etsy from this company:   http://TaylorCraftsEngraved.etsy.com  They have great stuff at really good prices and they got it to me in no time at all.  You cut on the reverse side so it doesn't mare the engraved design.  They do custom designs which is what mine is.  These would make great Christmas presents.

I got the witches out and the glass pumpkins.

I got this one last year in Salem.  It reads, Salem, the Witch City.

This is my old witch who blew over when I opened the window a couple years ago. She is a bit beaten up.

Some of the Fall magazines I have found so far.


Yes that is a cool cutting board!

So the old witch tried to fly :-) Well it isn't easy :-)

Have a great day!
Patty Woodland said…
Very cool cutting board!
What a great cutting board. I do love all your Holloween stuff.
Farm Friendly said…
I love ur witches and cutting board!
Those magazines remind me of you know who. :))
Guillaume said…
I love those pictures.
that cutting board is so cool! and clever. love it.
Ina in Alaska said…
I LOVE your kitchen, let alone your new and fabulous cutting board. Thanks for sharing a cool Etsy site!

Also love your love of all things Halloween and all your Halloween decorations. It is such a fun holiday!

You may already know this but Halle's birthday is also on Halloween! She will be 14 this year and I am planning a party for her! It will be extra special for I am not sure how many Halloweens we have left with her and for me, Halloween will forever be linked with Halle.
Love that cutting board! Also the glass pumpkins which I have seen in stores here too.
Barb said…
Love the cutting board and the witches!!!!
jody said…
love your cutting board and your kitchen and your halloween! makes me want to get mine our! i have a bunch of fitz/floyd halloween that i collected when we were stationed in japan! a huge pumpkin soup tureen among others... maybe tomorrow! enjoy your evening.
My Grama's Soul said…
Hi there.....I lost you on my sidebar sometime ago....just found you again.....I'm glad......I forgot how "crazy you are over Halloween!!!" LOL LOL it is just around the corner.


Your cutting board is beautiful! Where did you find it? Love the Halloween decorations too, although you won't see any in my home until next month! LOL!!

Are those new pics of Teddy on your sidebar? Adorable!
J. J. Mundy said…
New to this Blog and I LOVE IT!!! So glad I found it as the Samhain season kicks in. I can't wait to see what's in store! = )
LOVELY design. That would make a terrific present. I'm thinking wedding. Been flipping through those magazines too. Love the witch.
Margaret said…
Oh I love that cutting board! Enjoy creating more fabulous meals with it! So happy when I start to see the HAlloween/Fallmagazines out! Waiting for the Martha Stewart one! I save them yar to year so I almost have a library of them! I love your witches and pumpkins! Margaret
Great idea, thanks for the link.
Candace said…
Now that is just too fantastic, Joyce! How fun! Thanks to you I'm already thinking Halloween and having a blast!
That is one awesome cutting board! Feeling the Halloween love too!