End of Summer Dilled Egg Salad

After all of the constant heat for months on end, my herbs are starting to bolt.  I hate losing my precious dill because I use it so much.  I looked at my waning plants a couple days ago and thought, I need to make dill egg salad.

Boil 9 eggs.

I picked as much dill as I could.

Dice 1/2 of a red onion, several stalks of celery and dice the dill fine.

I like to use my egg slicer to dice the eggs.  Slice them once into slices.

Then rotate the egg and slice it again.

You end up with even sized pieces.

Place it all in a bowl, add about 1/4 cup of mayonnaise and salt and pepper. Mix it thoroughly and taste for seasoning.  I like my egg salad on the dry side.  If you want it creamier, add some buttermilk or regular milk.

The dill flavor is even better the next day.


Never tried DILL in my egg salad. I have no fresh and getting it at the store is hard around here. But I will look for it again. I thought I was the only one who prefers my egg salad and chicken salad a bit drier. LOL take care.
Now that is a great combinaton - eggs & dill - lovely!
Patty Woodland said…
I just froze a load of marjoram and chives. I wonder if your dill would freeze as well as they did. I stripped the marjoram stalks and laid the leaves out on cookie sheets. When they were frozen I put them in freezer bags. They thaw beautifully. So do the chives.
laurie said…
this looks and sounds lovely, its the only way I eat eggs!!!Although I have never tried dill in them, I will now though!!!!
Anonymous said…
I do like egg salad but I usually never have celery in anything, not my favorite kind of vegetable :-) :-)

I also like it a bit on the dry side but few seems to do so amongst my friends.

Have a great day!
Suzie said…
You must have been reading my mind! I was thinking of making some egg salad, and was wondering what to do with some of my dill. .now I know!! SO simple, but SO yummy! Thanks for the head knock!!
Barb said…
I put dill in anything that can take it. I love that herb.
Guillaume said…
That must be quite delicious actually.
I spy ---- THE thumb ---- Looking good! Wonderful...

Nellie said…
Yum! We love dill around here, but I've never added it to egg salad. I'll have to do that the next time!
Joy said…
Looks like a great summer idea, Joyce! And lucky for me, I can buy dill here for about 50 cents a bunch all year round! ;-)