Fresh Summer Spaghetti

 This spaghetti is so good that my husband ate three big bowls of it in one day which is something he never does.

 I have been eating my tomatoes like apples but they finally caught up with me and the other evening I noticed some softening and I panicked. I did not want to wait a moment longer and chance losing any so I pulled out the slow cooker once again.  I wanted a very simple sauce with fresh tomato flavor.

 One of the great things about doing these in the slow cooker is that you don't need to skin or seed them.  They cook so long that everything breaks down. I chopped up my tomatoes along with 2 carrots for sweetness.  I added a couple cloves of garlic, salt and pepper and a few red pepper flakes.  The red pepper doesn't make it spicy, it just enhances the flavor. 

 I set it on high for 6 hours and cooked it covered.

 Then I uncovered it and cooked it on low for about 8 more hours.

 I pureed it with a stick blender and let it cook for several more hours uncovered until it thickened.  It tastes like summer.

 Then I made the simple spaghetti.  See how rich and thick the sauce is?

 I boiled the pasta until it was al dente.  9 minutes.  Drain it and throw it back in the pot. I mixed it with the sauce and a huge bunch of fresh basil.

Sprinkled with a bit of Parmesan and topped with some very thin slivers of proscuitto.....ahhhhh!!!


laurie said…
I have never saw sauce made like this, sounds amazingly simple and delicous, light and fresh, mmmmm, beautiful tomatoes,
You are second person today, to use proscuitto in a way I never have before. Got lots of new ideas. That spaghetti looks good. Can't have alot of it with my diabetes, but going to have a taste. bet it's delicious.
Patty Woodland said…
I heard rumors of a red tomato for tonight's dinner....the first one!
I really need to find me one of those slow cookers now. I can buy via internet but I sort of want to touch things I buy that I'll be using in the kitchen :-)
This looks so tasty!

Have a great day!
I'll make this the next time I allow another tomato in my house. haha It looks delicious.
Lois said…
Absolutely will try this with my plum tomatoes!
Suzie said…
Did you grow heirloom tomatoes? I've gotten pickier about them since some of the newer hybrids have lost that old fashioned tomato taste. But whatever variety you have, they must be good if you are eating them like other fresh fruits! Yum1

Your sauce looks like velvet. .I can only imagine the heavenly fragrance!
Nicholle said…
Love using my slow-cooker so I'm always on the hunt for new yummy recipes. Never made a sauce in one before so this is *definitely* going to be made soon!! Love your blog!
I've been eating little grape tomatoes right off our plant -- yum!
Mystica said…
The sauce must be so intense! yummy