Frogmore Stew

 Frogmore Stew, also known as, Low Country Boil, is a great way to end summer.  Make this for Labor Day.   Each time I make this I wonder why I don't make it more often.  I snapped this photo before I ladled the broth in so use your imagination.

 This recipe is best with the freshest ingredients you can find.  Hit your local farm stand and buy some fresh corn, shuck it and break it into thirds.

 Fill a huge pot half way with water.  Add some kosher salt and about 1/2 tin of Old Bay Seasoning.  Add about 6 stalks of celery.

 Try to get freshly picked red potatoes if you can.  Cut them into quarters.

 Add the corn and potatoes and bring the pot to a boil.

 Add good smokey sausages.  I added two types.

 Usually kielbasa is the sausage used.  Just make sure they are very smokey. I get excellent homemade sausage here but Hillshire or something like it works well too. Slice them and throw them in the pot.  Bring this back to a boil and cook until potatoes are just becoming tender.  About 20 minutes before serving, add lots of shrimp.  You can add them with their shells still on and people can just peel them as they eat them.  I added crab clusters too but it is not the norm.

When I serve this to large groups, I drain the liquid and dump the whole pot onto newspapers and let everyone help themselves.  Obviously, it is served outside this way. Serve it with melted butter for dipping.  This is so good that I had to leave this post in the middle of writing it to warm some up and eat it.


Suzanne said…
Be still my heart!

I have been talking about having some friends over and doing a boil....we shall see
laurie said…
now thats something I have never had, in fact I tied to find Old Bay seasoning and could not, we are really in the boonies here!
Patty Woodland said…
Hard to find fresh seafood here unless I have it shipped if you want to talk venison or beef I'm your girl.
I come from OLD BAY country. This stew looks delicious. And to think I thought the crab legs were representative of the FROG, sdomehow??? My hubby used to LOVE eating frog legs until he had a dream about the frogs and their legs being cut off. LOL take care.
Sandy Sandy said…
Looks delish, Joyce! And I am so glad to find out that those are crab legs, not frog's legs!
Love, Love, Love this stuff. Huge party favorite also. I've even made this in a pot on the grill on a houseboat. Fun recipe!
Guillaume said…
I am hungry for a good, meaty, hearty, end of summer stew now...
Michele said…
Yum! I love this dish. And I always forget how easy and decadent it is. Bet the homemade sausage is wonderful in it.
Lois said…
I thought they were frog legs too, and thought : I don't know about this one... Never, ever heard of this stew before.
If it's called "Frogmore" why aren't those things sticking out frog's legs?
Barbara F. said…
I'd have a ball with those crab legs! My yearly family reunion out east on Long Island always included a delicious clambake. I miss those days. xo
Kinda' like a New England Clam Bake... Sort of.... Sort of ish...

But I have to tell you, that is one scary NAME. lol. I seeeeeee frogggggggggggggggs, when I read that NAME. Those little critters who can't keep from jumping into our pool, now that it's in the process of shutting down. Eeeeeek!

I am sure it is DELICIOUS! Name or no name. -grin-

I BELIEVE IT! My favorite food is lobster and crab..shrimp too! This has it all and you managed to make me crave something I can't have. LOL Not a problem. I know where the recipe is..and I AM COMING BACK! I have to tell you, as much as I love decorating (and as with everything else, I am mediocre at it, I love to cook once I get started. You never fail to amaze me. Now I am off to read about Hot German Potato salad!!! :)
And by the way...I am in such a search for a BIG witch for the front porch. Nothing suits me. Am I being too picky? Probably!
The Frog Queen said…
Okay, the frog queen without her glasses saw the crap legs as frog legs and passed out in her office for few moments....she is better now.

As have the most inspiring blog!!

I have missed you!

Ina in Alaska said…
Yummy!!! Especially with the kielbasa which I find very tasty. Love kielbasa!!!