Halloween Decorating Tutorial

 I have started preparing for Halloween.  Though, I must say, it is with a heavy heart this year because of the loss of my best Halloween buddy.  Kary's husband told me that Kary would not want me to become a Halloween slacker and I know he is right. So, I've decided that this year I am going to decorate my front entrance as a Fall shrine to Kary.  I am going to give it my all and really go for it.  I will keep you posted on the progress!

I've been making Halloween candelabras.  I bought these old candle holders at goodwill and painted them glossy black. I added dried moss and black ravens and they turn into instant Halloween decor.
 My daughter has another event coming up at the end of September and we are going with a Fall theme.  I am painting old pumpkins and other objects silver to make them more elegant.  I will also keep you updated on this project.

 Another one.  Don't they make a lovely but haunting pair.

 I found this candlestick at a thrift store.  It has a snuffer attached at it's side.  I painted it, added moss and attached a Gothic cross.

 And yet another in a different color scheme.  I straightened the candles after I took the photo.

 Click on any of the photos for a closer look.  I got these very ornate candlesticks and painted them and attached these mosaic orange glass globes then added a spider to one of them.

 I glued this old witch to this cauldron and decorated it with moss and bones.  A Halloween punch could be served from this if you place a bowl inside.

And I've been making witch hats.  This one is decorated with glittery fringe, black feathers and black roses.

All of these items will be for sale in the next couple days on The Blog Tech's ebay store which you can go to by clicking on his "feed me" photo on my sidebar.


Great projects! If you sell them what will you decorate with? The witches hat is gorgeous!!!!
~Melissa~ said…
I love the candles! Halloween (all of fall really) is my favorite time of year.

Love the hat! And the candlesticks look really good!
I love all this stuff. Kary would be so happy you are doing all this.
Anonymous said…
Great things!
I especially liked the witch and the cauldron :-)
That spider is so cool :-) I do feel I miss a lot by not living in a country that celebrates Halloween.

Have a great day!
Anonymous said…
I love to see Fall coming, and i LOVE Halloween so this looks great to me! What beautiful hats!
Jaz...I really LOVE those candle holders with the crows and moss...fantastic! I must try to duplicate that this season! Thanks for posting the images!
Joyce, this really warms my heart!
Kary would start talking about Fall at the beginning of July, and pretty soon out would come the cauldrons, candles, scarecrows and black cats.
Your candleabras and hats, all of are deeewishous.
An Autumnal Shrine will be a wonderful tribute to Kary's memory.
With all due respect but I just don't get it: Halloween is October 31st, right? Why would you even think about it now - right in the middle of glorious summer? Carpe Diem!
EMBRACING the holiday and dedicating a part of your display to your dear friend is a wonderful way to honor her memory. The candlesticks are AWESOME. I usually skip autumn and go straight to my Halloween decorating, but this year I'm going with autumn first. My stuff is already out and about. Just tired of summer.
Suzie said…
I'm so happy that you are going all out with your Halloween decorating, for Kary! Somehow, she will know what you are doing, and will love you for it!

All that you have made, has your magic touch. They are hauntingly beautiful! And, I was just thinking. ."she should sell some of these!", when I read that the Halloween Blog Tech is going to be listing them on his page. .he has been on my watch list from day #1!

Oh. .and I love that drawer piece that your gorgeous hat is displayed upon. .what is the history of it? ALL of your things have such interesting stories. . .
William Bezek said…
Beautiful Millinery!
Guillaume said…
Oh the lovely pics!
Barbara F. said…
I love all of it. The candelabras are really special. xo
Barb said…
I love all of your ideas!! I'll be keeping my eye on The Blog Tech's ebay page!
Kary wouldn't want it any other way, in fact she'd think it was sacrilegious if you slacked off! Decorate to the nines and do our heavenly girl proud! xo

I love the idea of finding thrift store candlesticks and spray painting them black! I'm going to go on a lookout for some now!

A few years ago, when my brother and his wife celebrated their 25th, my sister the florist spray painted a huge, real pumpkin silver and stuffed it with gorgeous flowers! It looked stunning!

Goku shrestha said…
the candle stands look great and that old witch was scary !
Your creations are awesome ... Great ideas. Now I must hit our thrift shops too and see what I can come up with ...
Thanks so much for the inspiration. The idea of Halloween is helping to cool us down ... expecting 105, but it is not humid YET.
Have a great day and Peace be with you,
jody said…
been thinking of you... its been a tough week here too. my daughters friend passed away early sunday at 29. she left 2 little ones and alot of unanswered questions. she was around alot and great support when my husband passed away. and we loved her.
you have amazing halloween things! i could spend all day looking over all your pictures! love the dishes! but i am kind of a dishaholic.
today its cooler and less humidity and feels a bit like fall! i want to cook and bake all day. i hope all of august is like today!
thinking of you and sending lots of prayers for each day.
You are without a doubt one of the very best Mom's on the face of this earth. You give good example of a mother's love, there is nothing like it!
Unknown said…
Are you making Hats this year? Cause if so I would love to get one for my daughter and I. Please. I emailed you.
Bridget Wilson said…
This is such a lovely post,,, Decorating for the halloween is really a fun activity and in fact this is my favorite! This year, I'm looking for some unique and spooky Halloween decorations that will freak my kids out. LOL. Thanks for sharing your ideas...

Cheers and happy halloween!
Bridget Wilson said…
This is such a lovely post,,, Decorating for the halloween is really a fun activity and in fact this is my favorite! This year, I'm looking for some unique and spooky Halloween decorations that will freak my kids out. LOL. Thanks for sharing your ideas...

Cheers and happy halloween!