Halloween Decorating

I start getting nervous this time of year.  When I think about how much I have to do in just 4 to 5 months I feel pressured!  Maybe that is one of the reasons I start to decorate so early.  It helps relieve some of the pressure!  So, I started to drag out some of my decorations.  I have a huge set of these Royal Doulton Witch Series plates which I have collected for years.  I've been selling off my entire Halloween and Witch collection but there are some things I won't part with.  These are staying with me for a while!

I bought this last year at the Country Living Fair.  Now I need some pumpkins to fill it . I actually have 4 growing on my vine right now.

The same artist did all three of these pieces and I love them.

Some of my vintage Halloween.  I have a constant lump in my throat and tears in my eyes when I look at all of this stuff.  My friend Kary would have been so excited to see all of this.

Two of the girls are unpacked.

She looks like she smells my cabbage bread baking today!

Click to enlarge.  My Staub pumpkins are back on the stove.

The sign is up but I still have the whole outside to decorate.

I have to find all of these.  This pic was from last year when I still had my beautiful maple.  No red leaves this year! 

We are supposed to get cooler weather this weekend.  I sure hope so.  I am ready to build fires in the fire pit.

Last year when I found these lanterns at Michaels, I was so excited.  I grabbed them and flew home to tell Kary to get to Michaels asap and get some.  She drove there in her pajamas and got one of the last ones they had.

Somehow I feel that she will be very present with me through the holidays this year.


Suzanne said…
I alway love seeing all of your Halloween decorations! So very inspirational. I pulled my fall things out this past weekend and I think Ill decorate this weekend.....time allowing.

Thinking of you
Patty Woodland said…
She is with you as long as you remember her
Robin Larkspur said…
I was wondering why you were decorating a little early this year, and now I understand that you are finding comfort and sweet memories in your Halloween treasures. I am sure Kary will be around. That is hilarious about her driving to Michael's in her PJ's....she was a devoted Halloween "nut" just like you!! And just so you know, you are beloved by many, too!!
Nellie said…
I can easily see why you are not parting with those dishes just yet!:)
Anonymous said…
oh my gosh its so said to hear the grief in your voice (typing), I usnderstand how this must be difficult times for you, you do such a beautiful job preparing for the witching hour, no one does it justice like you, that I know, be happy, she would want you too.
Guillaume said…
Oh I love those pics! And I have a very similar lantern.
petoskystone said…
I am *so* ready for Autumn! A pity about the maple being gone, but perhaps the winds, instead, will bring Karys' laughter floating over your displays.
tinypearl5758 said…
I love watching and waiting for your Halloween stuff to surface, if you ever decide to sell your glass pumpkins, I would love to buy them, I love love love them and so dose Hubby. And i have to agree with Suzanne..... you are very inspiring. xxxxxxx
Margaret said…
Your friend will always be with you especially since Autumn and Halloween were a shared joy. I hope peace comes to you in the beauty of the Autumn season. Margaret/Maggie's Lil' Fixins
Kary drove to Michaels in her pajamas? Now THAT'S true dedication to Halloween. And they ARE pretty spectacular lanterns.
Love the vintage halloween pieces you have. I must admit I was smitten with the Lantern you and your friend got. PJ's and all. your friend is watching over you this holiday season from a place without pain. Whether you realize it or not she will influence what you do and how you decorate. What could be a better tribute than that?
Mystica said…
I followed your last year's Halloween decorating spree and again this year love what you are planning to do.