Redo Your Crockpot

I am throwing a Fall party this year since we are not going on our annual Salem trip.  I am doing a chili and soup theme which I will show you as it nears.  I will have at least three menu items that will need to be kept warm.  So, that means crockpots.  I found an old one at a thrift shop for 3.00 which looked like it was rarely used but it was still ugly.  I bought it and thought I would take it home and paint it.  When I got home, I looked through my paints and saw the chalkboard paint....lightbulb moment!

Now I have a crock pot I can write on!

And yes I will be making peanut soup.  It is my favorite fall soup and so very good!

I got out my corn silo candy jar.

Because I found candy corn at the store this morning.

And caramel apple pops.

Halloween gum drops!

And more Fall/Halloween magazines.

Now I just need to find time to read them.

I hope I get some good ideas.


edenhills said…
That is the greatest idea for the crock pot!
Sandy Sandy said…
I'm sure there's No Problem with you getting good ideas, Joyce ! ! It seems you are always bursting at the seams with them. I love the crock pot idea. It's especially great for gatherings!
Nellie said…
We have had our pumpkins planted for quite awhile. Although we have had many blooms, we have no pumpkins!:(

I use my slow cooker for a variety of "projects."

Fall is definitely approaching!
You are so cleaver! The crock pot idea is genius for ugly out of date useful items. Such a "GREEN" idea too! Thanks also for giving me a heads up on the Halloween Mags. I'll be looking.
Patty Woodland said…
You are too clever for words.
Clever idea! I picked up the very same Country Sampler magazine this past weekend!! Its got alot of gorgeous pictures. Once I have had my fill of pictures, I then go back to read the articles.
PERFECT re-do for the crock pot!

I've never tried using chalkboard paint. Does it really, really just go on and work, like that? Meaning, I figured you had to put layer and layer and layer of it on, to get a really chalkboard effect.

Betcha' not.

Wise for a party. Peanut allergy people can easily avoid.

Plus things like soup, can't always be identified by just a peek. You have to have some sort of a "This Is In It" note, near each thing, anyway.

jody said…
love the crock pot idea! great for a get together! i love peanut sauce so know i will love the soup! enjoy your day!
Suzanne said…
Too COOL!!!!!!!!!
What a great idea! I wonder if your peanut soup is anything like the one I posted on July 4th!!!

Sorry about your Salem trip. Do you usually go for "Haunted Happenings" it's crazy in Salem at that time!
Candace said…
Love, love, love your idea for the crockpot! That's a good one, too - I wore out one just like it! I am resisting the candy corn for a bit longer - how I love the stuff!
Robin Larkspur said…
I have all those magazines, but have barely had time to just skim through. Must read them. I love your chalkboard paint idea. You are brilliant.

I hope Salem will survive without you and the family there this year. Will you still go get Teddy a lobster roll from someplace in your local area?
I'll order a Crock pot later this week :-) I've found one I like and I think I'll use it a lot. It will be so easy to make dinner to bring to work; I tend to be lazy and skip cooking after work and with a crock pot I can make lots of food lasting for a week. I don't need that much variation :-)

Smart to use that paint, I have to say I didn't like how it looked originally :-) :-) :-)

Have a great day!
Barbara F. said…
Wow, I would never think to paint a crockpot. I have heard of peanut soup, a friend was raving about it after a visit to Colonial Williamsburg. I am sure your party will be fabulous. Lucky folks who get to attend it. xo
Megs said…
I love the fall, too.
A shame you are not going to Salem this year. But, with the way that you decorate, it is a little bit of Salem.
SewAmy said…
What a great idea!
laurie said…
I know people are crazy for that paint all over blog land, but this is the best use for it yet! I'm a magazine junkie, love the look of these, you have so many great magazines in the States, that soup sounds wonderful so do the spicey gumdrops!
William Bezek said…
Brilliant solution on the crockpot, I want one!
Barb said…
What a great idea for the crock pot!!! I have several of those magazines. I can't resist fall -Halloween magazines!
A chalkboard crock pot is a stroke of genius!
AlphaBetsy said…
I have one of those old crock pots and this is a brilliant idea. I am so "borrowing" it. :)
Chris said…
That is sooo cool! What a great idea!
I love all the fall things you picked up. I constantly stalk Target this time of year waiting for the Halloween stuff to be put out after Back to School.
Jan said…
Fantastic idea for the crock-pot!!! Those magazines look very fallish and halloweenish :) Your "silo" candy dish is so cute!

Sorry about your trip to Salem...I've never been there but I have always wanted to visit the town of witches!!! Maybe someday :)

Suzie said…
Love the brilliant idea you had for the crockpot! AND, I'm looking forward to your recipe for Peanut Soup! We are big homemade soup fans, and I'm always looking for new, truly good recipes to add to my special soup cookbook. Yummmm!!

Yes, I've succumbed to the lure of the Fall and Halloween issues too. Every year I tell myself that I'm not going to do it, and every year, I ignore myself and listen to my passions instead. Hahaha
Ina in Alaska said…
Creative! Love the idea!

I just love my crock pot, use it lots.

I did add a comment to my blog post about the Blueberry Festival but... just in case.... drumroll..... a Tater Pig is a baked potato with various sausage stuffings. It was..... interesting...... (a great idea though)!!
Guillaume said…
A fall party is a brilliant idea! September is around the corner, I could picture easily an autumn party when september starts.
Guillaume said…
And I really envy you to have already Halloween magazines and Halloween items showing up in stores.
The Frog Queen said…
Thanks for the heads up. I am so doing that to my crock pot!!!

Already flipped through all those magazines. Nothing as clever as your NEW crockpot inside. LOL Dying seeing all that scrumptious candy, you have. NONE for me cause of the diabetes. So sad. having carmel with my apples anyway. Some things are just non negotiable. Take care.
Tournesol said…
Yes that is a really great crockpot idea, I'm going to look for some to do that to! Peanut soup sounds really good, I look forward to the recipe.
SharleneT said…
Fantastic idea! I Pinterested it! Makes so much sense. Thank you for sharing. Definitely gonna use this at the Market so folks know what's in the solar oven. Obviously will be painted on the side of the oven. Hugs.