Zucchini Casserole

 This is an old recipe from the late 60's.  I have been making it for all these years.  Even people that do not like zucchini love this casserole.  Kids love it too. It is a great was to get rid of lots of zucchini.

 My zucchini never grew this year so I used the ones I bought up north.

 I don't measure this so I am giving you approximations.  I sort of scared myself making this yesterday.  This bowl is a huge stainless restaurant bowl and after slicing the zucchini and onions, the bowl was almost full.  I figured if I was making one I could just as easily make 5 and then I could feed all of my neighbors. I ended up having to mix it with my hands it was so full. For one casserole use 2 medium/large zucchinis and 1 onion.

 I should have stopped and split it between two bowls but stupidly I continued to fill it with ingredients.  The original recipe calls for 1 package of Pepperidge Farm Dressing mix.  I made bread crumbs from my rosemary bread and added 3 T. of poultry seasoning.

 Add 1 cup of grated cheddar cheese and 3-4 grated carrots.  Add 1/2 C. of melted butter.

 Add 2 cans of cream of chicken soup and 1 cup of sour cream.  You can easily make this with low fat ingredients if you wish.

 Add some salt and pepper.  Place it in a casserole and bake it at 350 for about 1 hour.  It should be bubbling around the edges and turning golden on the top. You might need to cook it a bit longer.

 I pick these casseroles up at thrift shops for next to nothing and they work perfectly for this recipe.  Then if someone forgets to return them it is no loss.  I never pay much more than a dollar or two for them so they end up being cheaper than plastic ones.

The Blog Tech scored one fresh from the oven.  My neighbors loved these.  One of the neighbors invited her whole family over for dinner so I ended up feeding the masses last night.


Vera said…
This sounds great -- reminds me of a similar recipe I have but using yellow crook-neck squash rather than zuchinni (my husband HATES zuchinni!). Made a tian over the weekend (and am eating some of the leftovers for lunch now - yum!!). And, I intend to make your no-knead pizza dough Thursday night for Friday's dinner. tomatoes are plentiful in our garden now. Thanks for all the great recipes.
Patty Woodland said…
One thing I have right now is zucchini.....
Anonymous said…
I'll sow zucchini next year and make this, I'm still waiting for my winter squash to flower :-) :-) :-)

It always feels right to make a casserole for some reason and this one looks just delicious!

Have a great day!
I could use a BIG plateful of this right now. Looks scrumptious.
Anonymous said…
This looks wonderful! Makes me wish I had too many zucchini sitting around.
Sandy Sandy said…
As always Joyce, this recipe looks like a winner! Another "must try". What lucky neighbors you have!! I mentioned your blog and shortbread bar recipe on my blog yesterday. Thanks for the inspiration.
Is there a way, to become a "Neighbor By Proxy" or something??????? ,-)

Guillaume said…
A nice end of summer dish.
Robin Larkspur said…
Oh, Joyce, I made this the last time you posted it, and have made it several times since! So so so so so delicious. Since we didn't plant zuchinni this year, I must run to the farmer's market tomorrow. Oh boy, tomorrow night's dinner is going to be so OctoberFarm.
This is a fabulous recipe. I've made it numerous times since your first posting. Have also used a mixture of zucchini and summer squash. Use what you have!
Mmmmm, looks scrumptious.
I will be trying this one as hubs is not fond of zucchini and I am.
Thanks for sharing,
Anonymous said…
you are most certainly a good neighbor, are they lining up to move into your neighborhood, I bet no one ever moves, lol. I have never made this but I will or sure,
There is one though, does anyone ever cook for you???
Suzie said…
I swear that I'm moving into your neighborhood, even if I have to pitch a tent! Restaurants are going to start closing because you feed your neighbors better food than they could ever get anywhere else!
Gee, I wish you were my neighbor! Your casserole looks delicious! I'll bet your neighbors were very appreciative too!

Great idea picking up the dishes at a thrift store! I tend to buy those tin pans in the market when I'm leaving a dish at someone's home!

Have a great week!

Margaret said…
I love zucchini and can't wait to try this recipe! I think I'll try it this weekend! It looks like such a satisfying dish. Luv, Maggie
Barb said…
I will try this . The dear husband is not a great vegetable eater!!
I'm going to bookmark this recipe -- our zucchini is starting to produce mightily right now. We'll be inundated in no time.
Tournesol said…
I love zucchini and this sound like a great way to get my son to eat them, he'll usually eat vegetables with cheese : )
SharleneT said…
Didn't get much zucchini, this year, but buckets of patty pan squash. Thank the Lord there's a little vegetable stand at the end of my road. Think I'll use this for one of my Market casseroles. Oh, and for those folks who think they're moving into your neighborhood? -- sorry, but I've got my tent in the car and that's the end of that... Thanks for sharing, Joyce. Hugs to Teddy.